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Thread: Hi, I'm Kimberly & I'm new here

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    Smile Hi, I'm Kimberly & I'm new here

    Hi everyone! I just joined and figured I'd introduce myself. I just turned 18 and am in college, this will be my first semister and I'm so excited. The faster I'm an archeologist the faster I can get to Egypt and dig up a mummy!

    My other passion is horses. I have two Quarter Horses which I show. My gelding is the one I'm jumping in my avatar. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, reading, 4-wheeler riding, playing in the creek, music & concerts, and hanging with name a few. I'm game for most anything atleast halfway legal. LOL!

    Ok, the fun stuff. I have a sleep disorder that causes bed wetting. I refuse to take medication for it because wetting the bed is way better than possibly doing damage to my internal organs. LOL! I also have daytime accidents sometimes. Ok, my bladder muscles suck...ooooh, call the cops. Ha ha ha!! Well, since there's nothing I can really do about it I figured I may as well have fun with it, right. I'm in a diaper every night and pull-ups most days.

    I live in the south...born and raised. I have long chocolate hair, green eyes, and am petite....or scrawney as papaw puts it. LOL!
    Please feel free to message, I love making new firends!!
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    Jesus... There's so much personality in this I think it might burst out of my computer screen...

    Yay!! ^_^

    Welcome to ADISC! So glad to see that you've found one of the half-way decent websites! [/conceited]

    Look around the site a bit. If you can figure out how, drop into the IRC chat, that's a great place to make friends.

    And if you can't figure out how, just ask someone, we'd be happy to help.

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    Cowgirl, you sound like an extremely interesting person, and you have a lot of cool stuff going on. Like Mesmerale said, the personality is great!

    Welcome to ADISC, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Such a great, uplifting intro, to know the problems you have, doesn't slow you down any, bravo!

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    Thanks so much y'all. I'm so excited to be somewhere where diapers are actually considered cool. It's definately my kinda place.

    Heck, why should we let it stop us from doing anything we want? We are the normal ones...everyone else is the freaks. Ha ha ha!! If there's friends and such that aren't ok with it then obvosually they didn't love us enough to begin with so we don't need them anyway.

    Oh, I'd forgotten to add that you shouldn't let the elegant riding attire fool you...I'm redneck as they get. LOL!

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    I normally don't read intros which isn't very friendly of me, but this one was quite possibley the most informative that I've seen yet. Welcome!


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    Welcome to ADISC ^_^
    Its good to have some1 on here who is open and has a good outlook and personality
    Take a look around, im sure you will find lots in here of interest. Any questions, and we are all willing to listen and help out.

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    You've got a realy great intro ! What an exciting person you must be and welcome. Hope to see you around the forum, you've got a great personality.

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    Default Spelling counts in college

    "Semister," "definately," "obvosually."

    Kimberly, I suggest you use spell check for your papers in mummy digging school.

    You sound like some teenage guy's fantasy girl. "Hunting, fishing, reading, 4-wheeler riding, playing in the creek, music & concerts." Oh and diapers too.



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