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Thread: Les Paul Died Today : (

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    Unhappy Les Paul Died Today : (

    My favorite guitarist/inventor past away today, he was a role model to me and I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing.
    Les Paul (1915-2009) : Rolling Stone
    I am just glad I got to see him literally a month before he contracted Pnuemonia, he was still rockin at 94 and with only two fingers due to arthritis.

    This is the kind of stuff he did, YouTube - Les Paul - Chasing Sound!

    He invented the "Solid body electric guitar"
    He invented ""Multi Track Recording"
    He revolutionized music pretty much making "pop" music itself
    and a bunch of other stuff that would take to long to list.
    Les Paul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Its very sad to see him go but he is gone now, but he lead an amazing and fuffiling life and changed the world of music forever.
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    yah but mine has le picture and MOAR links : P
    and I didnt see it before...............

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    Rest in Peace..

    .\m/ Rock on... Heaven was getting pretty bland, needed a bit of spraz!

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    I didn't know him before I read this post. I must say I enjoy his work and it's a shame he's no longer with us.

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    What a sad weekend it is for guitarists and guitar enthusiasts everywhere. I've been so wrapped up in some projects I have going on, that I just found out he passed away a couple minutes ago from this post. Thanks, Secret ..

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    I played my Les Paul at my band's show yesterday more than I normally do as a tribute to Les. He was such an important man.

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