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Thread: Yiffstar?

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    Default Yiffstar?

    My best friend and I have been exchanging links in a private Facebook thread. He keeps pushing this yiffstar website on me.

    It seems similar to furaffinity in the layout and theme areas.. It's a nice site, but it seems a little pedophelliac I'm affraid...

    -Pictures of young tigers being f-ed by an older sibling while hugging their plushies and sleeping!?
    -he even sent me this one. It's a story about a fox and a cangaroo, who are nine years old, best friends, aaaaand... Suck eachother off....

    Strange things in that neck of the woods. I told him it seems a little "unfriendly" and to try some other good sites (gave examples).

    Do you think yiffstar is a little... Off? Is it the deeker of furry sites, or what?

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    No I would not call it the Deeker of furry sites; maybe closer to the stuff "non-nude" will pull up, in that it skirts the cp laws on a technicality, while still showing images meant to fap to.

    A little off? Well yes...

    I guess there is a debate to be made over whether cub-yiff satisfies a market that would otherwise use live models, or whether it promotes and legitimizes pornographic images of underage persons. Substitute drug or gateway drug?

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    There's a lot of cub art around there >.>

    It's mostly full of porn. FA is a lot cleaner.

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    ...Nothin' wrong with a little cub art, its just a drawing. Yiffstar is awesome!!!! The only thing that drives me crazy is trying to use its multiple keyword search, which *never* works.

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    First off, I'd say it's more of a 'substitute drug', but that's just my opinion of the two. I'd also like to propose another idea, 'a different thing entirely', to some. I gather this alternative response, from considering all other things that would be quite illegal to actually carry out. For example, there are those people who have fantasies for rape/being raped; and even people who role-play that with their consenting partners. These people may fantasize about a rape scenario, but any of them with half a set of morals would never get off on an actual rape scenario taking place. Or, like those into that 'vore' fetish. They may fantasize about being eaten alive/whatever that is exactly about, not too sure, really. I don't really understand it, but that's what I know of it, I think. Either way, they may fantasize about it, but it can't really happen/people don't really do that [well, I can't say nobody, but no good person with morals would]. So, I'd really have to conclude, that this all draws down to a few conclusions. Those would be as follows:
    • I believe that an image, in this case, that of the pornographic nature, does not cause a person to wish to enact something more. If the thought is there, and the will to carry out the thought is there, then a person will do it, no matter what they look at. For instance, murder. Looking at murder pictures does not make you commit murder, I would say. It's a pre-planted notion, not strengthened by images; groups of pixels on a thin sheet of plastic and liquid crystals.
    • I conclude that, whether it is a 'substitute drug' or 'another thing entirely', is based solely on the person and their mental health and personality. There are those that would fantasize about something, but not do it out of fear of consequences/compassion for not hurting the victim[morals], and then there are those that would not carry out the thought in real life, because it is not attractive to them in real life, only in their mind. Thus, the 'another thing entirely' group.

    In my personal opinion, I would have to say that I should find the "another thing entirely" group more mentally stable/acceptable, than those who do not do it out of fear or compassion, followed by those that do not do it out of compassion, and then, the most theoretically dangerous ones; those who do not do it out of fear.

    I should hope this provides proper insight on my thoughts as relevant to your question. I end my theory here.

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    I like yiffstar, but only for the cool transformation and diaper stories. There are a ton of them that are just really bad, but if you look, you'll find a few good ones.
    I'm not into cub porn or anything like it. I really like the age regression type storys that are non-yiff. Stories that usually leave the main character young and needing to be looked after. ^.=.^

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdeadx View Post
    There's a lot of cub art around there >.>

    It's mostly full of porn. FA is a lot cleaner.
    Yeah until you reach the 18+ age.

    I personally don't go to yiffstar.. I did read a friends story he has on there though.

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    to each there own,

    but i do enjoy going there to read some of the stories and some art.

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    Imagine that... porn on a site called YiffStar! Who knew!?

    Haha... anyway. I've recently registered there, as I did write a yiff story to upload there (that isn't going to ever be uploaded here). I read a few there, but they weren't all cub yiff stories. Far from it... I saw a good balance between the two.

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