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Thread: Things That Scare You

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    Default Things That Scare You

    (If you want to move this, feel free to, but I figured that some people's fears are mature.)

    So, as the title says, what are things that scare you? Post them here.

    Things That Scare Scritcher:
    - Death, both to myself and others.
    - Yelling.
    - Hearing sirens come past my house at night.

    There are probably others, but those are the only ones that come to mind.

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    Bears. Those muthas will bite you!

    In all seriousness, I'd like to think not much mundane other than bugs crawling on me scares me. My fears are more along the lines of "What if someone I loved died today?" "What if I never get out of here?" "What if my life from here on sucks?"

    I'm not afraid of dying (a common fear) because if I died right now I wouldn't be around to experience any fear. I might feel a little bit afraid as I'm in the process of dying, but afterwords I'll just cease to be or go into some afterlife type thingy, and I've accepted that. But I would be dissapointed if I died right now, because I have so much more to experience, and so much more of my life to live.

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    I hate bees. They go out of their way to sting me. I've already died two times, and both times were incredibly peaceful. Each time I was surrounded by light. So I'm not as scared about that, but I don't want to lose my loved ones. I suppose all of live is scary, but nothing is as scary or repulsive as Walmart.

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    Aging; the loss of opportunity to do stuff. I am not altogether happy with all this mortality business. */me glares at his mortality*

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    Becoming mentally or physically incapacitated. I was never the most physically fit of sorts, but I'm still in decent shape and I enjoy high adventure outdoor activities. I also am a very analytical person, and while I hold no illusions of being a great mind I do enjoy learning. I'm a technical sort, and if I see something that piques my curiosity I can't rest until I've explored or researched it. I always fear that I would lose my ability to freely exercise my fiercely independent personality.

    Over the last few months I've had to endure small tastes of both, and meeting one's fears can be a sobering experience. Hopefully both will be but a fleeting memory and a sharp lesson in humility before too long.

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    -Serial Killers (movie serial killers like Jason, etc.)
    -Becoming physically or mentally incapacitated like bobbyjeff said

    Other than that I'm not really afraid of anything, there are some things I may worry about, but those aren't legitimate fears.

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    -Bugs on me while I sleep
    -Burning to death / surviving a bad fire with >10% 3rd Degree Burns
    -Becoming a vegetable physically, while still retaining full mental capabilities
    -Being alone for the rest of my life

    .... and Bears .. Those Godless Killing Machines .. J/K Stephen Colbert rocks.

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    To list a few things:

    • Clowns
    • Large groups of people in a very tight enclosed space
    • Post offices

    ...So if a post office on a crowded afternoon ever decided to have a Clown Day... damn, I'm screwed.

    Anyone remember the James Caan and Kathy Bates movie "Misery" ? About a crazy woman who keeps a writer trapped in her house? Yea, always had a fear of that (having to be held against in your will to do something).

    That movie is pretty scary as it is, but here's something even more scary:

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    - loud, unexpected sudden noises
    - Nazi Zombies late at night Solo
    - Outside in the dark in the quiet
    - Big empty houses
    - people with 1,500 posts or ov-- OH SHIT!

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