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Thread: New here...

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    Default New here...

    Uhm, hi. Decided that since I joined, I might as well make a thread introducing myself...

    I'm a female, 17, and I like to go by the name Kenny. ^^;
    I'll be going into my senior year of high school pretty soon and I have recently been introduced to the AB/DL community.
    I joined this website because I enjoy reading the different topics here... and was sort of forced into it after I had exceeded my limit. XD
    I actually found out about AB/DL from the furry community when I took a sudden liking to babyfurs. ^^; And thus my interest grew.
    I guess I would consider myself a DL/babyfur...
    Besides that, some other things I enjoy are movies (usually comedy, horror, or a mix), reading, sewing, going to the gym w/my dad, video games, and of course sleeping. XD

    Erm, I'm a rather shy person, even when it comes to posting threads on the Internet, but I am interested in meeting others and making new friends.

    So, hello everyone! ^^

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    Hello there, nice to meet you!

    I was forced into joining because of the limit too.

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    Hi Light! ^^ Nice to meet you, too!

    xD Well, I guess that limit thing is doing what it's supposed to do.

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    Now you are all joined up and all your post are belong to... - you are on your way to becoming a regular and all manner of cool new forums will open up to you. We have a growing contingent of diaperfurs, baby or not, and welcome you with open arms.

    What manner of species are you? And would you prefer to go by Kenny or Shyfur35?

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    Wh-what was that? xD
    And thank you for the welcome. ^^ I hope to be active in this community.

    I perfer to go by Kenny, if that is alright. And do you go by Raccoon or...?
    As for species, I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to settling down on a particular one... but for now I suppose it would be a dog.

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    Hi there I'm a otter babyfur with a blue mowhawk named otto welcome I a little new here to but I love it here people are so nice and helpful and It's just a good place to make friends. Hope you have fun.

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    Hello and welcome.
    May I ask what your favorite videogame and movies are?

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    Me? Yes I go by raccoon. It keeps things simple for me. Happily, the ADISC community has all manner of people to talk to, mostly from America, Britain, Canada and Australia, but several Europeans and Scandinavians, and others. We have car lovers, gun lovers, fur-suiters, scads and scads of computer people..... The upshot being that chances are high you will find fellow enthusiasts to talk to about whatever intrigues you.

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    @Otto: ^w^ Hello! Nice to meet you, Otto! I'm sure I'll enjoy it here! =3

    @Dream: Thank you for the welcome! And yeah, just moved to Iowa recently. ^^; Nice here and a lot less hot compared to AZ. xD

    @Amon: Hiya and thanks for the welcome. X3 Erm, my favorite video game would have to be either Silent Hill 2 (or any version of Poke'mon. XD) As for my favorite movie, I'd have to say Shaun of the Dead. xD;

    @Raccoon: Wow. o.o Lots o' people from lots o' places. ^^

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