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Thread: A Windows Vista Problem- HELP PLEASE!!!!

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    Default A Windows Vista Problem- HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Yes, all you mac lovers can laugh all you want against the people that have Windows, but not everyone can afford a Mac, sooooooooo, I have a problem with Vista, (MY ONLY PROBLEM WITH IT). It seems when ever I run anything in full screen, my screen will go black and the computer will stop responding. For example, I would watch a youtube video in full screen for like 30 seconds then the computer goes black, but I can still hear audio. I press the Escape button tro get out of full screen and a little box will pop up out of my event window and say this.

    If my tiny bit of nerdyness is corect the ati part of the atikmdag must mean my ATI Graphics Card, right

    Oh what to do?

    Please help!

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    have you tried updating your cards drivers?

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    Try fully uninstalling / reinstalling your driver for your graphics card. If you don't know how, let us know.

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    Reinstalling the drivers dosen't always help. I have had the same problem on my old computer and reinstalling didn't help.

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    I have done that Fallen, it didn't work. ANd mm3, I have unistalled the drivers for my graphics card and nada happened.

    But I have found a patch, but not a fix to the problem. I just turned of Windows Areo theme off and turned on Windows Vista Basic theme. But I also hear that it is just not ATI card users that are affected, Nvidia card users are reporting the same thing......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your Worst Nightmare View Post
    Nvidia card users are reporting the same thing......
    Which was my card. 6600GT APG.

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    Can't help you since my graphics card is another brand, but it happened to me once. I don't remember what caused it, but I think it happened while I was updating the driver, and I haven't had any other problem concerning that since then.

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    How much memory(RAM) is you computer running on.

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    cant really help ya ywn, I ran vista and it gave me a similar graphix problem, I just went back to 2000, I will read up on it for ya

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