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Thread: hi there... me be Zach :)

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    Default hi there... me be Zach :)

    hiya im 15 almost 16 years old imy our average teenager.. fits in with everyone but of course like every1 here i also have a attration to diapers
    I am glad god has made me the person i am and i thank him for it.
    i came upon adisc by looking up storys.. (personal fav cody baby start over program)
    I am a straight male looking for a girl with the same interests
    i like to play games. xbox 360. NO i do not like diapers cause im just lazy and dont want to go to the bathroom thats just silly :P
    i live in north idaho, cda right next to spokane washington if ya know where that is.
    i snowboard and wakeboard. i like to fish and hang with my friends.
    i have not shared my secret with anyone and if i do its with my grandma.

    thats it for me.

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    Welcome, new Zach. While you may not find someone of your chosen gender and orientation here, you alrady have met one raccoon; so you are ahead of the game.

    We are really not a dating site, but are a large and growing community, and naturally are happy to have you aboard.

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    lol i know its not a dating site :P but...


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    Hello again, Zach.

    So yes, you did post an introduction. Anyway, welcome!

    Please enjoy your stay.

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    Hi Zach,

    Welcome. I'm pretty sure Raccoon doesn't have rabies, and if he does...Lord help us all. lol

    I too play xbox 360, but I only play Guitar Hero and Uno.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DominatingMommy View Post
    Welcome. I'm pretty sure Raccoon doesn't have rabies
    Oh that's a relief! Crosses out doctor's appointment off his list of things to do.

    Anyway, welcome Zach.

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    I froth at the mouth sometimes but, nuh has rabies, as far as I know.

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    welcome zach. I have a friend who lives in idaho he's a cattle farmer.

    hope you feel welcome here.

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    thanks and yea.. i feel welcome here

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