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    I've brought this up in other threads, but I had surgery on my feet, and on one of my knees. I had it on the 15th of June, and I've been in casts since then.

    ...Until Monday. I had gone to physical therapy, and the doctor who did the surgery popped in. He offered to take my casts off that day, instead of Wednesday. Such a lovely surprise, and I took it.

    I have to wear AFOs now, and my feet are pretty sensitive to the touch, but it's pretty nice to not wear casts anymore. 8D I just thought I'd share my news with everyone.

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    Been there done that, had a cast on my left foot in '95 and that ruined part of my summer and I had to give up a pair of Cleveland Indians tickets since I had to use a walker, and not crutches due to my mild CP. UGH. But that didn't matter much cause I would later get to go to an Indians game.

    '95 was also the year I was graduated from high school, and the surgery was done not long after my commencement ceremony. UGH. Talk about NO FUN.

    I had foot surgery done on June 8, 1995 and was in a cast through the better part of June and early July.

    I was in a soft-shoe up until September of '95 following final X-rays and determination that my foot was OK as by that time I was living in Columbus, OH.

    Been there done that, dude. Enjoy having your casts off and do something fun!


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    Congrats on getting the casts off, when they worked on my leg they didn't use a cast, I had an outside fixator because I had no skin and very little of anything else left.

    They aligned the 7 breaks and then put on the fixator, then my leg was suspendid for the next few months , I never left the hospital bed, untill it was time for theraphy 4 months later.

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    Glad they're off. I did that when I was 14. I walked in front of a car doing 40. It broke both my tibia and fibula. Half a year later I went back to school. So I know what it's like.

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