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Thread: Where the Wild Things Are.

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    Default Where the Wild Things Are.

    I can't wait for this movie. the book brings back such childhood memories. anyone else really excited to see this movie?

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    I do want to see it, but I don't know what to expect. With Spike Jonze directing and co-writing (alongside Dave Eggers, who's not very well known for his screenplays), you never know how it's going to turn out. It might be a horrible movie, or it might turn out to be a masterpiece (I doubt the latter).

    I still find it amazing that they were able to make a movie out of such a short book (Maurice Sendak only wrote 10 sentences in the original book after all). Dave Eggers is actually writing a novel to go along with the screenplay, called The Wild Things, so that might explain a few things...

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    I remember reading the book to my kids when they were very young. I loved the book, both the text and the wonderful pictures. Grrrrr. As for the movie, Asher is correct from what I've heard around the grapevine. Time will tell.

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    Question: Why is this in the babyfur section?

    As for the movie, I haven't been this excited for a movie since... a long time. It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid and I've yet to see Spike Jonze ruin something good.

    I'm not without some fear of being disappointed though. The first trailer was awesome, but I disliked the ways some of the wild things sounded in the second one. Hopefully it won't take away too much of the experience.

    Also, Max's pajamas are god damned adorable. If and when I have kids, they'll have no choice but to wear the same.

    For your enjoyment:

    Trailer 1

    Trailer 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadGravity View Post
    Question: Why is this in the babyfur section?
    i didn't know whether to put it here or in off topic

    yah max's pajamas are so cute i want a pair ^_^

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    I wish I could have gotten p.j.'s like that for my kids. My daughter had the furry animal paws slippers, and our dog would go crazy when she would wear them. She was a golden retriever, and she would bark and growl, and then attack her feet. It was so hilarious. I loved it when she wore them.

    I really liked the trailers. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could go back in time to when my kids were young.

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    I remember reading this book as a kid. I am DEFINITELY gonna go see it :3

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    It's the most beloved children's book of all time. For what it captures in the 8 sentences or so is truly astounding. Movie might be good, for how much I love books I don't know if stretching out that idea any longer does the meaning any good but I think the movie, at least to me, has a lot to live up to from the first frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Codybear View Post
    i didn't know whether to put it here or in off topic

    yah max's pajamas are so cute i want a pair ^_^
    Well it has nothing to do with furries... the monsters in the movies are well, monsters. Also Max's Pajamas is a coustume, not PJ's of course it's made to look like he sleeps in them quite while, considering it's the only thing he's able to wear while at the "island".

    Anyways I read most of the script and it seems a bit lacking plot wise at least in relation to max and his somewhat dysfunctional family. Either way I am going to see the movie regardless since there are no more good pure fantasy type stories that are really live action anymore.

    We need more live action fantasy stuff like this and Labyrinth. The last two fantasy movies I saw that were good was MirrorMask and Coraline. Both have very different styles and somewhat contrasting plots but both. The movie industry relies to much on CGI now and it makes it lose a bit of it's humanity. Though some how Pixar avoids that, I am not sure how anyone couldn't cry in some scenes from "Up. "

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    I really liked Coraline. I could go on forever about it but I have a topic to stic to.

    I really want to see this movie. Plot is good in a powerfull movie, but this seems more like a movie that'll just be one big adventure, which is kind of what I hope for. The fact that they included storyline for back home is really cool, and the first trailer really made it seem like there is a conection between his island and home. I really hope that's true because it'll give some intrigue to the adventure.

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