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Thread: Incredibly Cool Wingsuit Base Jumping

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    Default Incredibly Cool Wingsuit Base Jumping

    Yes, ICantSeeYou: Incredibly Cool Wingsuit Base Jumping

    I've always wanted to go skydiving, but I think I'd rather do this.

    Is anybody here a flying squirrel furry?

    Ever seen Ironman?

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    So basically, all he needs is more powerful, more efficient engines, and he will be able to fly outright.

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    There is a huge BASE jumping thing where I live. The cliffs looking down over the fjords are between 650 m and 1300 m and drop straight down, so there are lots of places for people to jump. Many of the BASE videos I've seen (haven't watched this one) are filmed here. There are even some of the "wingsuit" vids. One I recently saw included a crash, though the guy wasn't hurt as badly as he could have been. He was airlifted out with two broken legs and a broken collarbone. Yes, they do remind me of flying squirrels.

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