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Thread: Random question?

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    Default Random question?

    I just wanted to ask people what there ancestry is. Like mine is I'm half native american (also makes me distantly asian) and I'm part scottish,irish,polish,swedish, and french canadien. and possably more didn't check that far just what my greatgrandma told me on my B-day.

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    I'm Italian, French, and slightly German. On my dad's side, my great-grandma spoke mostly french and was from France... On my mom's side, my great-great-grandfather was from Italy. (I think)

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    that's cool did they or do they ever do crazy things. Like every year after thanksgiveing dinner my greatgrandma who is in her 70s still trys to get everyone to do the polka it's funny because shes a little women only 4'11 she past the curse on to my mom and me to.

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    I wouldn't know from personal experience, because they died before I was born.

    You can't really tell that our families are from France or Italy anymore, either.

    But, I've heard that my French great-grandma was an excellent cook. Nothing about doing crazy stuff, though.

    Oh, and this is in the wrong forum.

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    I think itanlians are natural cooks my mom's friend is one and my god you better go there starving because they fill you with the best stuff ever and BIG potions of it to.

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    English Ukrainian here, and that is mostly going though the immediate family (just grandparents)

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    Despite always proudly showing my Irish roots, I'm not 100% :\. My maternal grandfather's parents are both 100% Belgium (father), and 100% Holland (mother). My maternal grandmother is 100% Irish, her parents are both 100% Irish. My paternal grandmother's parents are 100% German, and 100% Italian, making my grandmother 50% German and 50% Italian. My paternal grandfather is 100% Irish, both his parents are 100% Irish, and they still live in Ireland.

    So, that makes me mainly Irish, with some Dutch, Belgian, German, and Italian thrown in there.

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    50% African-American - 50% Italian

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    Interesting thread! Well I'm Irish and German. In other words I'm short, strong, and loud

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    I'm a mutt... I have strong European ancestry, I know for certain that we came over from France to the US, but we did not originate there and I'm not sure what year we came here. I'm not sure where we originated from either, but I know that I have some Irish and English in me as well. There's more, I'm sure... but I'm only sure of those. My grandma has most of it figured out... just haven't asked.

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