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Thread: Building a fursuit!

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    Default Building a fursuit!

    Okay, so after finding this website, meeting some furries, and becoming absolutly addicted to furrydom, I am building my own fursuit! With absolutly no experience, no schematics and nothing but a newfound passion for furries, expressing my innerself and excitment for meeting new furries So... Anyways if anyone is interested in the progress, has any tips, wants any advice from a newbe on what hasen't worked for me or whatever please post! And if there are any furries or babyfurs that wanna say hi, or if there are any folks in washington say hi!!! My goal is to go to the rainfurrest in seatac next month with my own homemade fursuit!

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    warning: it isn't very cheap. lol you have to know how to sew and everything or else you're just about screwed.

    with that in mind: How DO you make those Animal Costumes? (Fursuits)

    check around there for tips, great information there. ^^

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    Thanks for the tips; although I'll warn you, I a professional in getting/making cool stuff for cheap So I will post on here as it goes costs... So far the total is $4.88 and about 2 hours of work.

    As for the update thus far:

    So far I have bought some good quality enameled wire for $4.88, its called "daisy wire" or "anchor wire" and it cost $4.88 for 50ft at the local hardware store. Right now I have spent about 2 hours using it to build a frame for the head. Currently I have built the upper head down to the top of the nose, framing the general shape. Tonight I will be working on the rest of the framing of the head, although I will have to pickup more wire tommorow. I think my next step, after finishing the framing and molding of the wire is going to be figuring out the jaw & lower mouth, then taping the head with cloth tape to add structure that I can work with. (Oh and I still need to make the ears )

    In regards to the jaw, does anyone have any opinions or advice? I have read about and seen pictures of these awesome lower jaws that can move with your lower jaw, but the upper muzzle stays fixed. Then again I have also seen typical fixed muzzles. I donno, how would I go about making a moveable jaw; should I, is it worth it? Iv'e never seen any furries in person so I donno... Any Advice???? So far I have framed the upper head and top of the muzzle and stopped there.

    Oh and this is my first fursuit so sorry i'm not even going to attempt to try anamatronics... And any advice on a cheap place to get faux fur? I think I'm gonna check out ebay; tried the local goodwill today with no success... Found a few "furry" rugs there but no furry fabric...
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    woah woah woah!

    not to be mean and pick holes but to do a good hardwearing fursuit will take you more than a month if its your first. also define cheap as anything below $17 per ft is not going to withstand the average wear and tear of a fursuit.
    DO NOT under any circumstances use fun fur, its cheap yes but looks incredibly tacky, tears easily and wears thin fast if its an area that will do a lot of rubbing, i.e elbows, knees and butt.

    the best thing to do for advice is visit the LiveJournal link Sila gave and IRC #Fursuit groups. to make the body get a couple friends and make a ducttape dummy, they're real lifesavers and much more accurate than measurements as it'll be like putting it together on your own body.
    I'd also have to agree with Sila that you do need experience in sewing & craftwork to make a good one.

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    Thanks for the tips, worst case it's a dud, best case it might turn out good, and if it doesn't turn out good, then I will know what not to try on my next fursuit. It's a first for me, so I'll see where it takes me

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonelyguy View Post

    Oh and this is my first fursuit so sorry i'm not even going to attempt to try anamatronics... And any advice on a cheap place to get faux fur? I think I'm gonna check out ebay; tried the local goodwill today with no success... Found a few "furry" rugs there but no furry fabric...
    Jo-anns Fabrics sells a good amount of Faux fur.

    Check the faux fur section, then check the red tag area....

    Also never buy anything from jo-anns without a coupon.

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    Smile Update 8/15/2009

    So... I have been working on my fursuit; still just my head (still waiting on some fur I ordered online).

    So anyways for the head I decided I was going to build a frame out of wire, which ended up taking about 4 hours give or take, maybe a bit more. I then gave it a layer of duct tape, made a few rearrangements and then gave it the okay. Well next I decided I needed some fur, and after searching online I finally decided maybe it might be cheaper to try to get it locally, so after work I stoped in and picked up some fur at joanns. I got:

    2 yards x 60in of white .5in pile faux fur Cost $15
    .5 yard x 60in of off white/gray 1in pile faux fur $7
    1 yard x60in of brown/black mixed 1in pile faux fur $10

    And I ordered online a cool looking 3 yards of 60in gray mixed realistic 2in pile faux fur. (It's still on the way; will arrive on 8/19 ) Cost $37 W/ Shipping

    Now that I have some fur I cut out pieces and started glueing them onto the face. I am almost done with most of the fur on the face, with the exception of the parts that I am going to do with the long pile fur that's on it's way. See Scout Auxfur for pictures... My next steps for the head will be to do a bit of sewing to better secure the edges of the fur where they connect. And thenthe lower hanging part that will match the suit & my neck part.

    After that I still need to figure out the eyes... I am thinking I might buy some cheap polarized yellow sunglasses at the local goodwill for $3 and use those lenses, attach them to the head and paint a pupil? Any other ideas? The eyes are kind of oval shaped...

    Also I still need to add foam padding which I bought at Fred Meyers for $5 to the inside to hold my head in place, and figure out a better way to ventelate it so I don't suffocate (thinking of some tubing in the nose and mouth?) Oh and I am going to order a black rubber molded nose on line for the snout.

    Next will be the suit!

    Any suggestions, tips and comments are welcome!
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    you will not be able to make a fur-suit in a month.... >_> It takes to much time and if you work it can take about 2 months to make a nice one >_>

    I'm assuming you goto work and school though so Maybe if you do not you could do it in a month.

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    Yep well I'm a hard worker and I will see where it goes, I have a feeling it will be done in time for the rainfurrest if I end up going. No offense to anyone, and please don't take it the wrong way but could we keep this a little more optomistic? I have gotten alot of posts and private messages from people, and almost all of them are saying you can't get it done that fast, you cant make one for that cheap, you need to practice before you can build a "good" fursuit, It's not going to be any good, it's not going to last for more then an hour... etc.

    And I just want to say hey this is my first fursuit, i'm making it for fun and just want to be creative. I'm not a pro, and I'm not saying I am one, I'm just a newby beginner having fun. I'm not making it for someone else or selling it, just trying to have fun, so it would be awesome if anyone that posts on here could be a bit more optomistic. A "good job" or "looks cool" or even it's a "good first effort" would be awesome! Thanks again for everyone's posts!

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    think it's because it's kind of unrealistic for someone to make a "cheap" fursuit that's workable. xD if you can do it and prove us wrong, more power to ya. :3 show pics of the progress, I'm curious to see how it's turning out.

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