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Thread: return after a hiatus

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    Default return after a hiatus

    Well yes then. For those of you who know (more like remember me).
    I have returned after what seems to be a small hiatus of a few months.
    while being here i still may not be to active. Trying to keep the risk of saying something making myself sound stupid to a minimum.
    But nun the less, I have returned. And to those who do not know me. greetings and salutations

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    Welcome new person; my senility is acting up again, my apologies; I seem to have forgotten you. Could you please remind us of your interests, and so forth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post

    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back. Loved your Halloween costume. See, I do remember!

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    Well i suppose some people do rember me hehe.

    And to "racoon" not sure if you were here when i was.....But your join date begs to differ. perhaps youve had a name change....Or returned from a hiatus yourself a while back?

    As for my intrest. aside from the obvious. art, trance....err....techno music, travel, whatnot and so forth.

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    Welcome back, glad you decided to join us again. You already know how random everyone is here, so no need for the newbie speech I guess.

    What happened? You finally hit level 80 and got bored? Oh, and if you don't already, give a listen to Machinae Supremacy. I love their album Deus Ex Machinae...with lemons.

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    Welcome back! I do remember you - how's your plushy dog doing?


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    Oh yeah, Maxx. Really good at video games from what I've heard.


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