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Thread: Eastern seaboard roadtrip ideas...

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    Default Eastern seaboard roadtrip ideas...

    My partner and I are leaving the Boston area for an "impromptu", no rules roadtrip to Orlando, FL in under two weeks, and we'd love some pointers on what to see, do, and enjoy along the way. We've got 9 days, and we're looking to pack in as many sights and experiences as possible, however offbeat and corny they might be. I've done this trip MANY times before, but it was always with a destination in mind (Florida), with little time to stop in between to see things.

    Our tentative itinerary:

    Leave Boston at 4PM on the 21st. Drive to NYC and stay with some ABDL friends in Manhattan Friday night, and spend the morning in the city on Saturday.

    Saturday around noon, head south, to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel (we plan on taking US13 through MD). We'll stop somewhere in MD for a late lunch, and are looking for suggestions on places to eat down near the Bay Bridge tunnel (on either the MD side, or VA beach).

    From there, Drive to Savannah, GA, to see my sister. The only required stop is briefly at South of the Border, JR's Tobacco world, and possibly a Shoney's for their breakfast buffet. This drive can be delayed 1-2 days to see anything in between. We plan on crashing Saturday night in a rest area somewhere anyway).

    The stay in Savannah will be 2-3 days, and we'll hit up Tybee Is., Lady and Sons for lunch, and wherever else my sister drags us to. She's like myself and the rest of the fam (packing the most to do in the allotted time), so Savannah is pretty much covered, but I'm still open to input.

    Tues/Wed night, drive to Daytona Beach, FL. Stay overnight, and enjoy the beach for a day, and possibly do Cape Canaveral, Ron Jon's, and the National Seashore.

    Thursday night, drive to Orlando, which is completely optional, but we have friends we'd like to see there. If we do go, we'll probably spend a day at Wet 'n Wild (as the last time we were in FL we did Disney and Universal, but no waterparks). Is Wet and Wild still the de-facto waterpark in the area?

    Saturday, we'll bee-line back to MA, with only one stop somewhere for a few hours' rest.

    None of the above is set in stone. We're playing this by ear, and are looking to see inexpensive, unique attractions, national parks, seashores, and so on. If there is a Sinclair dinosaur that spits out crabcakes in Baltimore... We're there! Really, we'd rather get ideas on kitschy tourist traps than going to Colonial Williamsburg. I stayed in wigwams once on route 66 as a kid, and I'm looking for the same type of experience.

    Please give us ideas on what we can see "off the beaten path" in close proximity to I95 from MA to FL... Cheap or free is good, including food, lodging, and so on (where is the best place to get crabs aside from a brothel , and the Sea Gull Pier restaurant on the bridge/tunnel in MD?).

    Really,any info on the I95corridor would be great, as far as cheap things to do. We're also very open to meeting up with any other ABDL-type people along the way... Peachy, if you're free in NYC we'd love to meet up, and the same goes for anyone else along the way.

    Thanks for any ideas anyone might have!

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    I've done the drive from New York to Florida several times, and I'd say you got the right idea. It's absolutely worth it to go over the chesapeake bay bridge, I did it the first time I went, just to say I did it, and it really is an impressive engineering feat, worth the extra couple of hours drive to do it.

    South of the border, absolutely hit it up.

    Savannah is definitely worth going to, it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities out there, a real trip back into the Antebellum South. If you're in Savannah, a fun tidbit is that it is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in the country, so if you like that sort of thing, there's some ghost tours you can go on.

    Also, if you're into seeing cities, a trip to St. Augustine, Florida might be interesting. Believe it or not, it's the oldest city in the country, and it is on the way.

    Oh, and certainly no trip to the south would be complete without a trip to the Waffle House.

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    GET TO NEW YORK! Shame, while your by me in NYC I'll be at a wedding. Womp... =p On various trips to Virginia we went over the Chesapeake Bay bridge. Was really cool =D

    EDIT: Wait, the 21st, not the 14th! That means I'll be around... Keep that in mind if you're interested . I also think Peachy will be in NYC around that time too :O

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    Ace... We'll definitely hit up some of the sights in Savannah. I've done most of them before, but Chris hasn't, so we'll be doing at least one ghost tour, and of course a meal at Paula Deen's place.

    MM3, we are definitely interested in meeting up with you, Peachy, or anyone else that might be in the NYC area Friday night the 21st, or Saturday earlier during the day (dimsum in Chinatown possibly?). Same goes for Saturday the 29th, on our return trip. We'll be staying with some fellow ABDL-type people in Manhattan both weekends, and would love to meet up with some others.

    Again, any suggestions for food stops or other sights along the way are greatly appreciated!

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    Again, any suggestions for food stops or other sights along the way are greatly appreciated!
    Fast Food down I-95 is the most decent food you'll find . Rest-stop steakhouses are really, really desirable. Kind of the opposite of what you'd expect.

    Anyway, if you're interested in night-life, Friday into Saturday I'd be willing to mosey on into Manhattan and have some fun -- hell, on both weekends! . I'll have to PM Peachy a link to this thread and get his input .

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    Stay off of Interstate 95 if you can and try US. 17. There are a lot of nice little towns and historic places along the way here. I grew up some in Edenton NC and Highway 17 ran through our town back then. Have a great trip and most of all be safe and have a good time.

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    NEJ get off 95 once and a while and enjoy the old road, when 95 wasn't complete you had to do that many years ago.

    You got to see things you would miss on the interstate, plus the gas is cheaper in towns.

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    Hmm...Savannah - bad memories! The two times I wanted to drive there from my place in Georgia, my car broke down. I hope that Savannah doesn't put the same curse on your vehicle!
    Oh, and I've never crossed the Chesapeake Bay bridge - I've always used the tunnel

    Have fun on your trip though. I love road trips, but sadly, they're no fun around here, so I'm mostly doing train trips these days.


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    Go through Charlotte, NC (out of the way I know) and go to the Penguin Drive-In!

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    If you're looking for something less expensive in Florida, we used to go to Homosasis Park. They have a lot of animals, birds, plants, snakes, and manatees. I really like it as it's very relaxing, and you can take a boat trip.

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