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Thread: can't wait!

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    Default can't wait!

    When I get $500 I can get my first car. uhhhh I want it now it's a Z28 camaro blue with t tops needs work but an awosome first car.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	488 that but blue.

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    Have fun. Rotate tires every X miles and change oil every 3000 etcetcetcstuffyoudon'tcaretohear.

    Be sure to get a moderately good soundsystem asap

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    yeah drive around an blast my offsprings cd in that and my grandpa works on cars all the time since he's only in his 50s he thinks he's invincable.

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    Blue Camaro?

    Only cool if:

    1. You have a mullet.


    2. It has a cow on the roof...

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    I'm gonna disagree, I think Camaro's are pretty cool (and I'm no redneck, and I don't have a mullet, lol) it's an american classic. Couple of things though, I'm assuming you're probably young, so if you are, and with a muscle car, you are going to get "expletive deleted" on insurance, so be prepared for that. You'll pay a heck of a lot less if say you have something like a Toyota Corolla or something.

    Also, a word of note, Camaro/Trans Am's of that vintage can in many cases, eat through rear ends faster than a guy with the flu goes through kleenex. The main problem is that if the drive shaft/transmission are not lined up perfectly and I mean, perfect factory spec, you'll go through them every 15,000 miles or so. I recommend really checking that part of the car to ensure everything from the tranny/driveshaft is aligned perfectly.

    Other than that, they are generally pretty solid cars. I will say, I'm curious which powertrain combination you're getting, V6 or V8, and which one, carbureated or fuel injected, manual or automatic? If you are stuck with an automatic, there are shift kits available to better time the shifts, though if it's a manual you choose, so no problem there. Oh, and T Tops rule in the summertime!


    P.S. They suck in the snow.

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    I don't know all that stuff yet it's ganna be a while but before I buy it I'm ganna test it and every thing see what needs to be fixed and stuff then put some time into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativej View Post
    I don't know all that stuff yet it's ganna be a while but before I buy it I'm ganna test it and every thing see what needs to be fixed and stuff then put some time into it.
    The only thing it needs is a dead cow on the roof and a shower installed. That'll fix everything. Jeremy Clarkson told me so.

    Joking aside, The Camaro is a great entry car, but as Ace says, you're going to get killed on insurance... Like "bend over and take it like a man" killed.

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    nah my grandparents are rich and ganna give me money for it.

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    Must be nice... But let me say this: It's more enjoyable if you work for the car you have, instead of having it given to you.

    Wow... I sound like my parents. Scary.

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    I gatta buy it myself but get the insurance money from my grandparents. and they are probably clost to you parents age.

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