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Thread: Anyone know what's up with Diaperconection

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    Default Anyone know what's up with Diaperconection

    Does anyone know what's up with I can't access their products page directly, and if I aess it indirectly (by not going to the home page), clicking on the purchase button takes you to an error message. I was really hoping to order everything I wanted from one website.

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    Try this - Is it up?

    Copy the URL of the products page/order form/whatever and paste it into there. It'll tell you whether or not the website is up from where they are. If it's not up then it's probably maintenance or something.

    If it is, well, I bet there is a guide on the internet somewhere. Try it and tell us.

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    I used to buy from them, but there was a message on their site at one point that they were shutting down. Oddly, the site itself remains but the store links are no good. I have also heard that someone else might be picking up their site but not necessarily their products. I think it's a non-starter for now at least, which is a pity as they were reliable, discreet, and decently priced while they were functional.

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    Their other website Adult Cloth Diapers and Vinyl Pants is the same company. As far as I can tell, they shutdown Diaperconnection, and are only running the above website. They are a local business and I work 10 min from their office. Only thing different is they don't have the printed plastic pants anymore. Everything else is the same.

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