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Thread: what was your favorite kid's movie?

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    Default what was your favorite kid's movie?

    When you where little what was you favorite movie to watch over and over and over. Mine was the fox and the hound I would wathc that every morning and then again in the afternoon. But then after about a year of that my mom through it out because she was tired of hereing it all day every day. so what was your favorite.

    Fox and the hound I worship you

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    I went through various stages, most if not all were all disney "babyfur" movies. The longest one was the Lion King, which lasted about 4 years. I would stay up at night and have my mom reply it over and over again from start to finish to start again until I was asleep.

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    The Little Rascals

    My siblings had the easiest job when they had to babysit me just replay the movie over and over. I still love the movie! ^^

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    The Pokemon movies. My sister and I would watch those all the time.

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    The first Digimon movie, the first Pokemon movie, the first Power Rangers movie, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast ('Specially that one), The Brave Little Toaster. I have quite a few more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

    I should really break out those old VHS tapes...

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