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Thread: trying 24-7 again

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    Default trying 24-7 again

    been trying 24-7 for a long time never made it to the seventh day. any help? please no negative comments

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    Well, why haven't you made it?

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    just havent but this time i will try hard i have got to the 24 hour

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    Well, if you can't tell us any specific reason as to why it didn't work before, there's no way that we can advise you other than to say to just keep trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquabob80 View Post
    just havent but this time i will try hard i have got to the 24 hour
    "just haven't?" so did you just get sick of it? or did you run out of diapers? or did a gigantic pterodactyle swoop down out of the clouds and rip the diaper right out of your pants and fly off, cackling evilly down at you?

    like mesmerale says, this thread doesn't make any sense until you provide people with more information. if you just got sick of it after a while, though, i'd suggest that it's a waste of diapers to wear them when you don't want to.

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