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Thread: When did you stop bedwetting?

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    Default When did you stop bedwetting?

    This poll is for those who have/had primary enuresis. How old were you when you stopped? As I never had primary enuresis, this does not apply to me. How about you?

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    Butterfly Mage


    It didn't happen very often but it did happen. Of course, my dad always said I did it on purpose (since he is a jackass). Yeah, doesn't every kid like waking up at 4:00AM lying in cold, wet sheets that smell bad?!

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    I rarely can think of a morning that I havent woke up with something being wet. Earlier in my life when potty training it was a wet bed, and it was really horrible(4 years oldish). Then when I got a bit older(5 or 6 ish) and my mom got tired of changing sheets and crap, then it was wet diapers, pullups, etc... It doesnt happen every night now, but like 3 to 4 of the week. Still kinda sucks....

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    the only time I'v ever wet the bed after 3 was two years back but I had a broken knee and I was dreaming of going to the bathroom but then I felt really warm then I woke up and noticed I was wet so even if I did wake up I probably wouldn't have made it any way.

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    I wet my bed almost every nite till i was 13. Thanks to puberty and all the hormones that go with it for stopping.

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    I still wet the bed and at this point I'm no longer motivated to stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnitesgirl View Post
    I still wet the bed and at this point I'm no longer motivated to stop.
    Not to offend, but I'm kind of jealous

    I didn't do it often, but I do remember it happening enough before the age of 7 to have a plastic mattress cover on my bed. I was never put in night time diapers for it, but I would have loved that.


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    I stopped at 3 and started again at 36, 20 years ago and do not want to stop. I love waking up in a wet diaper.

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    5-6, but I started wetting it on prpose when I was in the 8th grade (14 years old) sas a way to get diapers. I don't advise that.

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