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Thread: Did you like diapers when you wore them as a kid, even subconsciously?

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    Default Did you like diapers when you wore them as a kid, even subconsciously?

    Before you were potty-trained, did you like diapers at all? Me, I think I did, subconsciously. How about you?

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    Eh.....I have a pretty good memory, but I can' remember THAT far back.

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    I have been told that I was really hard to potty train cause I didnt want to give up my diapers, I was also told various stories about me running around showing off my diaper. So I am going to say I knew I loved my diapers.

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    My mother told me I just stopped going in the diaper and she never potty trained me. Maybe because I saw my older brother go through it? So at that age I must have decided to give up the diapers, therefore sub conciously I did not want diapers, I wanted to be a big boy.

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    My memories start after I was toilet trained. Yet a clear memory was my Mom changing my diaper at the 1968 Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Because my bladder was small and over-active Mom would nicely ask me to wear a diaper on trips and special events. All that made sense to me, although I did not find the diapers comfortable they did mean I would not have to ask for a potty stop or lose our place in line at Disneyland.

    Actually, despite my profound urinary incontinence, when I was 26 I had come to resent all the effort needed about my diapers. I was used to the discomfort.

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    I wore diapers to bed till i was 13, and i liked them for the feeling of security. Also cause they let me get a decent nights sleep (not having to wake up in a wet and cold bed).

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    I don't remember before I was potty trained too well but wearing them for bedwetting as a child I was not happy to be in them. It was not till I neared puberty that I began to like them

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    man, i can remember being caught with my sister's Nuk, trying on my doll's diapers. all kinds of crap that now clues me in on the fact that this is not something we "stumble upon". it just is...

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    I remember my parents used diapers on me, for bedwetting, when I was five years old. I remember liking the diapers then and being sad when they disappeared.

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