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Thread: Driving to HS?

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    Default Driving to HS?

    What percentage would say there is at your school that people(who are legally allowed to) drive to school? At mine I would say about 98% of them do.

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    Can't remeber, just know that the parking lot was always full.

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    Haha... like maybe 5 out of the entire school who did it regularly.

    It's cheaper to catch the bus, and it's more convenient, and you can;t get a driving liscense until you're 17 here.

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    I never bothered. Still don't have a car. I guess like 12% of the people I knew drove to school. Now I'm in college...about the same percent actually. Lol. We all do the bus.

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    Interesting thing... When I was in jr. high (16 is minimum for license over here, and 15 for a permit that allows you to drive 8am to 8pm) everyone drove to school (bout 90%), but when I switched to high school, about 35% drove. Now that i'm in medschool, I still say that about 35% drive to school. I attribute the higher number in jr. high to me being in a private / expensive school where there were a lot of rich kids. I need to get a car :/ lol

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    When I went to school there were very few students with cars, mainly it was just the gearheads like myself that owned cars, I think there were about 6 guys with there own cars, but sometimes on friday some guys would show up with the family car, but not many.

    I drove a 55 oldsmobile 88 convertible, light blue with a white top, I had one guy that would catch a ride home from school everyday, he would reach under the car and remove the caps from the exhaust cutouts for the ride to his house, then he would put them back on when I got to his place, a real noise junkie......

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