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Thread: Is it me or does Adult swim suck?

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    Default Is it me or does Adult swim suck?

    As the title says, when I was younger I'd watch this channel and it had decent shows such as, case close, wolfs rain, Trigun, Inuyasha, and a bunch of other anime. At that time they treated the Otaku's like normal people. Then a few years later things changed. They started showing cartoons >_< and horrible live action shows that NO ONE cares about. And then in their bumps they would insult their anime viewers like it was a game. Is it me or does anyone notice that Adult swim has lost it's luster? I mean Animonday doesn't do that, PLUS they have REALLY good anime. Also the promo that insulted Adult Swim was funny. "Adult Swim, Kids float! Animonday! Animonday!"---Animonday promo.

    So what do you think?

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    I fully agree. I used to watch Adult Swim every night but now the only thing I watch on it is Bleach and Moribito. They just plain suck now.

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    Never watched anime. But I only watch Adult Swim for King of the Hill every non-school night, and turn it off as soon as it's over. The rest looks like horseshit. I can't believe they canceled it for some Family Guy spinoff. The executives at Fox should be lashed until they drop.

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    I liked the show Superjail and Frisky Dingo. I know the studio that did Frisky Dingo shut down so there's no more of that coming sadly. I have no idea if Superjail will be returning though, but I wouldn't mind if it did.

    Anyways Bleach started being boring as hell once they got into the soul reaper society place. It was all talking about their own little stupid politics, I get enough of that in real life with our own. I don't think there's any good anime's anymore, the last good one was Death Note and even it went on too long I think. 52 episodes, yeah right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    I'm sorry, what's an otaku?
    Otaku, anime fan or what some in Japan call bookworm or booknerd. The reason why is because of the fact that Otaku have been found with their heads in manga almost everyday. This little tid bit comes from my friend Jordan who, lived in Japan.

    Quote Originally Posted by fire2box
    I don't think there's any good anime's anymore
    Acually there are but you'd have to watch Animonday, or go look on the internet. Here's my list of good anime and manga

    Elfen Lied


    Marchen Awakens Romance

    Wolfs' Rain


    FMA Brotherhood (The few first clips of the anime from what I've seen are good. Hell I've even heard good reviews about it)

    ( That's about all I can think about for now, if you want more go look at the Shonen and Seinen genre)

    Okay now back to the Adult Swim topic. TOO MANY cartoons like family guy and ATHF few others, and not enough anime. Plus the anime on the time block on Saturdays is being pushed back. Hell, I don't even think they have an anime time slot anymore. Most of the anime shown on Saturdays is shown mostly at 5 or 6 AM. I'd rather stick with animonday when, It comes to finding new anime straight from Japan that, I want to watch in Japanese. I hate Adult Swim. Though their bumps are cool.

    But I think Animonday will get smart and get their own bumps just, to demolish Adult Swim.

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    Otaku = geek in japanese... I don't see why anyone would be mad when CN guys wanted to target a larger audience than just the japanese-loving guys.. Anyway, I didn't watch Adult swim much in the past, and I don't do now

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    Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.

    To me the only worthwhile anime's or however you say that ever appeared on adult swim worth mentioning.

    Other than that, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is just awesome, and Home Movies, that about wraps it up, imo.

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