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Thread: How do people feel about the MPAA?

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    Default How do people feel about the MPAA?

    The MPAA is the Motion Piction Association of America. They rate films, among other things. For those that don't know, a "R" film can get away with almost anything, and any minor with a guardian's permission can go see it. But some movies get rated NC-17 and no one under 17 or under can see them. Sometimes it's the violence that gets a film rated N-17, but you could machine gun a bus full of handicapped orphans and still get an R. More often it's the sex that gets a film rated NC-17.

    Offenses include what the MPAA deem to be abberant material. This has included sexual positions other than missionary, male frontal nudity, homosexual sexuality (such as two girls in bed, under the covers with no nudity), female sexuality (such as showing a woman's face during orgasm, especially if its a long one), fetishes, and the list goes on. Yet a teenager can be bare-assed on the counter fucking a pie (American Pie), and that's R.

    I like the idea of having a rating system, but I think the disparities between an R and an NC-17 ought to be addressed. An NC-17 rating is a boc office killer, even if the theatres will carry it. Most people don't understand the rating. And a parent ought to be able to alow their child to see whatever they deem appropriate, not the MPAA. I also think its no coincidence that what the MPAA considers "immoral" is so often some of the best films being produced. Granted, the system is voluntary, but theatre chains won't carry an unrated film. This is a form of censorship.

    Other opinions?

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    G movies were a lot better back in the day then now. Disney movies are whack now. Bo gs and violence like back in the day.

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    I really would like to see a return to the 1970s era of pushing the artistic envelope. While I myself wouldn't much care for a Midnight Cowboy or a The Devil in Miss Jones or a Thumbsucker, these are all movies that I feel comfortable having in the movie-sphere, as it means that directors and actors are able to push the envelope.

    I think that guy-butt and she-butt have disproportionate representation. Penis (sausage) surprises me in movies, but only because it's uncommon. Again, there is under-representation and a disparity between the sexes in movie nudity.

    Food for thought.

    And, yes, NC-17 is the kiss of death for a box office draw.

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    The MPAA is an arbitrary censorship board with no oversight, and no understanding of the internet in general. Publicly, they were formed to keep the scary government from censoring films, but that was an empty threat. Realistically, it was so that the big theaters could establish a stranglehold on the distribution chain of films and muscle out any competition. That actually puts me in conspiracy mode - since the internet is the biggest threat to their distribution control, it makes sense that they want to fight it with ham-fisted attempts at curbing piracy. The more damage they do to internet film distribution in general, the better off they are, and piracy makes a big, soft easy target as compared to iTunes.

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    Here in Canada we've got 14A, in which anyone younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult; 18A, in which anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied by and adult; and R, in which no one under the age of 18 is allowed in at all. I've only seen a few films with the 18A rating, and none with the R rating. Full frontal nudity and "fondling" will get you a 14A rating.

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    Kenshi likes how movie makers can get away with almost anything in Canada.

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    Like some others said, the ratings are somewhat arbitrary. It's nice in a sense to know what you're getting into when you see a movie, and to keep children from being exposed to objectionable material, but I think people put too much weight on the ratings. My parents refused to ever let me watch an R movie when I was under 17. Once I was old enough to see R movies, I realized that many of them didn't contain much worse thigns than PG-13 movies and wondered why I hadn't been allowed to see them.

    Also, I disagree that theaters not carrying unrated films is a form of censorship. It's a business decision, and businesses are free to choose what movies they play and what movies they don't. Only a government has the power to censor things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenshi View Post
    Kenshi likes how movie makers can get away with almost anything in Canada.
    You kidding? On the french channels, daytime TV can have boobies. This was fortunate for me since I went to french-immersion school and whenever my parents caught me watching french TV, I could make an excuse that it was school related. They never saw the boobies because you'd have to watch like 4 hours to see a nipple, but that was enough for my 7th grade self.

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    The MPAA is first and foremost a trade group. Nothing more, nothing less. It is paid for by the movie studios for the sole purpose of advancing their collective interest.

    On ratings:

    If arbitrary ratings based on lines in the sand didn't have a purpose that furthered their business model, they wouldn't be making them. There is a huge portion of their customer base that really likes absolutes and bases what they allow their kids to see rigidly on such absolutes. Anyone open-minded enough to question absolutes (like, say, members of an online community whose existence directly challenges certain absolutes held by a significant portion of society) is going to see these ratings as somewhat ridiculous.

    On the MPAA's other activities:

    It amounts to industry collusion amongst an oligopoly. It's entirely anticompetitive, seeking to increase pricing power (in this case, by keeping a tight hold on distribution), with the side-effect of deadweight loss to society. Unless you've got a financial stake in the studios, the MPAA is a net negative to you.
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    I do not like them very much, just like the RIAA. Like h3g3l said, MPAA = RICO

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