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Thread: Diaper Memories From Childhood

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    Default Diaper Memories From Childhood

    Recall in this thread the times that stick out in your memory from when you were young that have to deal with diapers. Don't lie, but be detailed!

    I personally have enough memories concerning diapers to fill a book. I intend to modify this thread later.

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    I remeber laying down in my parents bathroom and my mom changing my diaper around 2 or 3 years old; That's really it.

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    I remember flushing a pair of training pants down the toilet when I was toilet training. I remember being put into a diaper for bed by a babysitter when I was probably 3 or so. I remember finding a diaper under my parents' bed when I was around 6, I can't for the life of me remember what I did with it. I remember trying to put on a cloth diaper on myself when I was 7, unsuccessfully. And I remember my dad making me change my nephew when I was about 9. That was the grossest experience of my life, besides an unfortunate incident while helping to fix the plumbing that I won't go into.

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    I remember when i was like 5/6. When my mom stashed my pullups from potty training in the closet and brought them out. I got in to them and put the whole the whole package full on. And wadled around. xD

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    I remember being two or three and my Dad coming in on a Sunday morning and asking me if I wanted to wear underwear or a diaper that day. Of course I chose the diaper. We went to the grocery store with my brother and sister, and when we got there he asked if anyone needed to use the bathroom, and I said I did. He replied that I have a diaper on. As we were checking out, he asked again, and I, sitting in a dirty diaper, replied that I did. I think he said something to the effect of "too late," and the checker laughed.

    It's odd that I remember all that because I remember virtually nothing of my childhood until late in middle school.

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    I remember a lot of things about diapers from childhood, but I'll just mention some highlights. I remember:

    - My first memory. I was probably not even 2 years old, and my mom took me with her into the bathroom. When she sat down I noticed she didn't wear a diaper, so I asked "Mommy, where's your diaper?" To which her response was, "grownups don't wear diapers." I did not want to hear that. Give up diapers? Never! lol
    - Being 4 years old and freshly potty trained. I was still using a pull up for #2 and night time wearing, but I wanted to be back in full diapers. My mom had a couple diapers for my baby brother sitting int the glove compartment, so I took one out once while no one was around and openned it up on the seat. I tried to sit down on it and wrap myself, but was upset because it wasn't big enough for me.
    - Having numerous accidents as a child, with the occasional threat to put me back in diapers (which unfortunately didn't happen)
    - Being 5 and being forced to wear a diaper after having an accident in my Sunday school class
    - Being 10 and putting on a pair of my little brothers good nites (was pretty tight). I put it on and walked into the living room where my friend was resting. It was late at night and we were holding a 'freak out' contest. I won! lol

    There's a lot more, of course, but these are a few of the ones that really stand out for me.

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    I remember wearing a barney diaper when I was like 4 or 5, and I remember changing my brother's diaper when he was about 3. (For some reason I hated it back then when I was a tomboy )

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    I have quite a few:
    -Putting on all my night-timee pull-ups at once
    -Night-time in a camping ground. I was looking in my pants at my pull-up XD
    -Being next to a toilet wearing a pull-up during potty-training, and choosing my pull-up

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    I remember complaining that the diapers were hot to wear during a road trip down south. This would have been in the 70's with the early pampers, I was probably 3 or 3.5 at most.


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    The only memories pertaining to diapers from my childhood are wearing leftover pull-ups from training when I was about 7.

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