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Thread: Hai ^.^

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    Default Hai ^.^

    Ermm not very good at intros but Im Arty, I'm random at times, Hyper at others. I spend most of my time playing games mainly Fallout 3 and im a Pokémon addict at other times Sonic games are a part of my life especialy Adventure 2. I watch alot of anime mainly Gundam and Ghost in the shell. I do alot of art stuff mainly in Flash but i also do pretty good hand drawn stuff.

    Error404 is one of my bestest friends ever more of a brother than anything, my friends are more of a family to me than my actual family are. and thats bout it for me. -Nods- ^_^

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    good job at finally coming and making a thread, alexpants! XD and welcome to adisc ^-^ we're awesome here, trust me x3

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    Error404? THAT FUCKTARD!? You know him personally?

    ...You poor poor soul.

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    You finally made it! : D

    *hands welcome cake*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Light View Post
    Ooh if you like anime we'll probably get along great.
    Heehee i get on with practicaly anyone but i get very easily distra....ohhh new posts ^.^

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    Welcome Arty. You seem like a nice person, unlike that Error404, he's a right .... oh "FUCKTARD" (thanks error).

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    welcome hun, we dont bite hard, unless you want to be "grins softly wagging" but ether way, welcome to the site.

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