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Thread: My Own Introduction

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    Smile My Own Introduction

    Hello there! here is my long awaited introduction (people have been asking for this many times)

    A bit about myself: My name is Benjamin, and im a 21 years old college student. i live in Fredericia, Denmark. im straight, and single.

    i love games, and i always dreamed of becoming a male nurse. in fact, im studying nursing right now, and right now it seems to go very well! i wear diapers like twice a month, but defenetly not 24/7. im a very open person, because i experienced some pretty hard things in my childhood, which just maked me stronger. my mom and dad was on drugs, divorced, so i needed to grow up in a foster family. today i have my own apartment, which rocks . i've had some good experience with DailyDiapers, so im not a complete "newbie". well, thats all that i have to tell, hope i see you in the IRC!

    - Benjahut

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    Thank you for posting an introduction

    Do you have any hobbies? I personally enjoy sailing, and a random fact about myself is that I'm a Brownie leader

    What about you?

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    yay a Denkmarkian member. What do you take in college, what do you aim to do with it? Can you fill us in on Danish for Diapers... And "raccoons"? we have a foreign words for diapers thread...

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    well, im a papparazi in my freetime. i love digging up things, and then using it against eachother. i also like pakour.

    EDIT: well, danish for diaper is "ble". danish for raccoons is "vaskebjørne"

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    We have a parkour (sp?) thread in the forums somewhere. I believe it's in the Off-Topic forum, go check it out!

    We also have a photography social group if youre interested in joining.

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    How much more education do you need to become a doctor as opposed to a nurse? The nurses I know have as much knowledge as doctors yet they are still nurses.

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