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Thread: No sales tax in VA

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    Default No sales tax in VA

    This weekend is the annual "back to school" sales tax holiday. On the list of exempt items is "diapers, child and adult"

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    Oregon has no sales tax at all. Income tax, yes, but no sales tax.

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    The following link has a good breakdown of various state tax rates:

    Taxes by State

    Generally, you can avoid most states' sales tax by ordering things online, so long the online store you order from isn't based in-state. Coincidentally, diaper selection online is much superior to retail stores.

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    Montana doesn't have it either. Washington doesn't if you live in a sales tax free state, they give you a sales tax break except for when you are buying food.

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    Hooray for Virginia...You don't really save that much if you're just buying a few things.

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    In MD its 6%. Was all good at 5% and the extra percent screwed everybody's easy math calculations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    In MD its 6%. Was all good at 5% and the extra percent screwed everybody's easy math calculations.
    8.75 or 9% here in California and we pay income taxes too. My dad loves it when we go to oregon since we always stop at costco/walmart up there.

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    It's illegal in Washington to drive down into Oregon to shop just to avoid sales tax. Vancouver is right across the river from Portland so you can easily go down there to save money. I think it's an easy crime to get away with. Who's going to know you're doing that or did it. How are the police going to know you did it?

    Heck my family did it all the time because there was more stuff to do in Portland and the city has things Vancouver doesn't have like Saturday Market or Powells books and they had more malls and Vancouver only has one. That's why I think that law is stupid. People have every right to their own freedom and entertainment and they can shop where ever they want. If they want to go to Lloyd Center, they go to Lloyd center but it's wrong to deny that right for people who live right across the river from Portland. We would even go to stores in Portland like Fred Meyers or Ross or TJ Maxx even though we had all that in Vancouver but I think my mom did that to avoid sales tax. I'm surprised she didn't go down to Portland to grocery shop except for Costco because there was no Costco in Vancouver.

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    NY does not charge taxes on adult diapers.

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    Louisiana has state sales tax...4%. But, we have also parish (county) and cities taxes, depending on where you live. This weekend was the "Back To School" state sales tax holiday. Diapers were included as well. Where I live the combination of all taxes amount to 9.5%. There was no exemption given on the parish and city taxes unless the merchant agreed to pay them for you.

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