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Thread: Earliest memory

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    Default Earliest memory

    I know what some people might be thinking, but this is a variant on the cliche- I don't actually have any memories of ever wetting or messing my diaper as a baby.
    What I do remember, however, is a brief instance of my sitting down on a newly-filled diaper and feeling the 'squidge'.
    I have something of a love-hate relationship with pooping. I'll do it- either in diaper or pants- but then I can't resist just sitting down heavily after I've done the dirty deed. This is where the 'hate' comes in- the long and torturous cleanup required.
    Would it be jumping to conclusions to correlate the irresistable urge to do this with that earliest memory?

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    That's an interesting question. I've no doubt our early experiences shape us deeply, but also our experiences since then are significant too. I'm a little tired to get too involved in the discussion right now, but there was a thread where I wrote my current thinking on these sort of things. So I'll post the link here. Then come back another time

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    Umm earliest memmory, wait before I get into this I stopped day wetting/bedwetting young and then it picked up several years later. Soo I donno why I remeber this so well, but anyways I was about 4 or 5ish, recently stopped bedwetting, and was out of diapers & pullups. But anyways my parents yelled at me that we needed to get going (we were going to a furniture store) and so I was getting dressed, and I couldn't find any clean underware, and so I was looking through my drawers, and my mom yelled just wear your pullups (I still had a few left in my drawer) and so I put it on and we went to the store and I was wearing my pullups and I was really uneasy and worried that the salesman would notice I was wearing pullups.

    I don't know why I was so worried because I had been wearing them recently until I was "dry" I guess it is the mentality that so many parents put on us that you are bad if you wet your pants and can't go pottly like big kids. Little did I know a few years later I would be back in diapers, for at night at least, and still in them today, but for a few years I was dry mostly everynight... ancient history

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonelyguy View Post
    I don't know why I was so worried because I had been wearing them recently until I was "dry" I guess it is the mentality that so many parents put on us that you are bad if you wet your pants and can't go pottly like big kids
    Totally off topic, but that is why I believe *B/DLs are looked upon so badly in this society.

    On topic: My earliest memory, as I've posted before, was flushing a pair of training pants down the toilet.

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    Mine was of pooping in my pants as I lay in the floor at my grandma's coloring. I am fairly sure I was between 3 and 5 years old, because I wasn't diapered. However it could have been cloth training pants.

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    I remember sitting on the stairs going to the second floor of our old house, just sitting there in a diaper and rubber pants waiteing for my mom to take me up to put me in bed.

    But that is all I can remember about wearing a diaper as a kid.

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    Oh god, I have hundreds of memories of being in diapers, almost all of them at night.

    But one I remember is I was about 1 or 2, and I was standing in my preschool hallway. I remember I had just gone in my diaper. That's it.

    Another I remember is when I was 2, I was in preschool again, and I was getting changed by my teacher. She let me play with a latex glove while she changed me. (I guess I thought gloves were amazing.)

    I could tell more, but it'd take all day.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Mine was me sitting in the dining room on the carpet and discovering that if I poked my finger through the plastic of my diaper it would stretch and mold to my finger. 10 minutes later i was sitting naked in a pile of shredded diaper.

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    My earliest memory is of playing with some disposable diapers a few years after being toilet-trained with a cousin. I must have been around four or five years old and I can remember the very strong urge to try on and wear them, and encouraging my cousin to do so as it would make me trying them "okay". Thinking about it now, it's strange that even at four I had it ingrained in me that wearing diapers when I didn't need to is wrong.

    As far as your earliest memory is concerned, Gemini, I'd say that almost certainly the memory and the current desire are connected. After all, this entire lifestyle is all about regressing and reliving those experiences.

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    I have a few fleeting memories from the earliest part of my life and can remember certain events and images from when I was a toddler, but perhaps the most powerful and accurate memory that I still hold on to this very day was when I was about 3 years old.

    After being potty trained, my mom still had a large amount of pull ups in my room (I suppose she was saving them for when my little brother would potty train) and I had direct access to them. The summers are hot in my city, and I was very used to walking around in just a shirt and underwear.

    To this day, I am still unsure what it is I thought I was doing. Whether it was innocent childhood curiosity, some sort of chance of destiny or fate, or some sort of higher power wanted to put into action the course of events that would shape my life, I got it into my mind that it would be a fun idea to take my underwear off and attempt to wear a pull up again.

    *Graphic Warning*

    From that time onward, I developed a fixation with wearing pull ups, yet somehow, even then I knew what I was doing would be viewed as wrong. Every Sunday afternoon I would close the door of my room and wear pull ups. Eventually my mom started asking me why I was closing my door, I told her I wanted to be alone.

    Eventually she pieced it together and got rid of the pull ups.

    Sometimes I wonder how my life would have played out if I had never worn pull ups.

    I'm glad I did. My experiences taught me to fight for what you believe in.
    More to come on that later.

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