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    I joined this site to meet people with similar interest. I am 56 m and am a DL 24/7 and like to be a sissy AB. I do cross dress some also. As many of you, I do not know why I wanted to be a DL, but the desire was overpowering and I could never shake it. It now limits me from meeting people since I do not want to decieve people on who I really am. I am a kind and feeling person looking for friendship and people to chat with. I have attended several diaperfest to meet people but they have ended.
    Best wishes to All
    Baby Valerie

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    Hi and welcome. Your intro is very straight forward into why you're here, but not much on anything else. What are your hobbies? What do you do like to watch on TV? Favorite music? This site isn't totally focused on AB/DL stuff, we like to discuss other things too. That said, welcome to the site, have a good time here.

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    Welcome! Hope you like it here. I'm an AB, but I don't wear diapers too often. I also like to crossdress, but I don't get too many opportunities to do so. (I almost wish I would just admit it to everyone, that way I could wear dresses more often, but I'm just too scared. They might misunderstand) And obviously, I am a babyfur! My fursona is actually a sissy, though I had deeply considered having a girl fursona. (and in certain RPs, I do RP a girl instead) But this is your introduction, not mine.... so once again, welcome!

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    Hi Matrix,
    Sorry, I should have told you what I like to do when off from work. I like to walk and hike, I am an avid skier, and I do lbiking.
    For vacation I like to go to amusement parks, I love the roller coasters. My favorite TV shows are NCIS. I am an Electrical Engineer, have two daughters (20 & 24). The youngest is in here last year of college at Columbia going for Civil Engineering and the other is working in Rochester and I have a son who is 25 working as a computer programmer and trouble shooter in Stamford Conn. I have a house and have two cats. I do most of the work around the house which takes up a lot of my free time.
    Baby Valerie

    Hi Shippofox,
    Thamks for the welcome. I know what you mean by your wish you could admit so you could wear dresses more often.. I wish that everyone knew I was an AB and like dresses and they accepted it. The world would be so much better if people would accept that people are different but I do understand why people have trouble accepting AB's since I am one and had a hard time accepting it.
    I love wearing my silky dresses but do not get to wear dresses out often.
    Best Wishes
    Baby Valerie
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luvpampers View Post
    I have attended several diaperfest to meet people but they have ended.
    Best wishes to All
    Baby Valerie
    The people ended or the diaperfests? Oh dear, welcome to the wonderful world of grammar. We care about such things. Well: you have met me... the funniest raccoon on ADISC, a legend in my own mind.

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    Another Long Islander! Welcome aboard!

    My favorite TV shows are NCIS.
    YAY! I <3 NCIS!

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    Hi mm3,
    I am from the town of Babylon.
    Hi Raccoon,
    Us engineers were never good with grammar LOL, yes the diaperfests have ended.
    Baby Valerie

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    Haha! Babylon isn't too far, I'm a tad outside of Rockville Center ^_^

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    Hey, welcome to the site! If you're ever up in Rochester, or if your daughter's heading down to Long Island, gimme a ring or something - I might steal you for a ride to mm3's October meet-up

    Hope you enjoy our company here. You might be looking at the members and feeling "obsolete" but don't worry - there's more than meets the eye here: ADISC has quite a few members from your generation. Post around, don't be shy, and be sure to check out the wiki and IRC!


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    Welcome to the site. I'm from your generation, and I'm originally from Toms River, N.J., not too far from New York. I certainly wouldn't let being an AB/DL keep me from meeting other people. We all have our secrets which no one else needs to know. I revel in my own hypocrisy, and I promise not to throw the first stone.

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