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    Im sure a few of you remember me posting about getting my t-mobile G1 about a month or so ago. Anyways, a week or so ago that phone started actting up. It would shutdown on its own and such. I called t-mobile and they said there had been a recall and shipped me another one. Once that one came in I went to use it but it wouldnt even power up, so I called again, they said that it could have been damaged in transit (I dont think so). They overnight ed a third G1. I just got it yesterday and what do you know the dam thing doesn't work right. I am getting sick of the phone. They are now saying since I have had THREE of them and still no lluck they can offer me a phone with similar features. But my balance is over do because of buying the G1. So I have to wait till the 14th which is when I will pay my past due bill.

    I was told most likely my chice of phones will be a Blackberry-Curve 8900 or the T-mobile Dash

    After looking at some video reviews on youtube. I think I like the blackberry better.

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    Blackberry seems pretty decent. I've been sporting the Storm and so far I'm mostly happy with it. The main issue is the massive lack of "application memory". The Storm has 128MB, much of which is filled when you get the unit. (I think the older ones have 64MB?). Despite the fact that it has 1G of onboard storage and 8G of micro sdhc in it, it does not allow applications to be installed on either. RIM needs to address this limitation if they want their new appstore to be successful, imo. There are apps which claim to swap other apps in and out from your media card, but haven't tried them yet.

    That and it seems to have a memory leak. I have to reboot it every so often, or it gets really laggy.

    Nonetheless, overall I'm pretty happy with it.

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    Like there's a choice to make.. Get the Crackberry.
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    Butterfly Mage


    Go with the Blackberry. I ended up with a Curve because I had three Dash phones that crapped out in a 45-day period.

    Word to the wise: T-Mobile's "house branded" phones are really made by a manufacturer called HTC, and this company makes third-rate junk.

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    Yes I know very much about HTC, when I had Sprint, I had the HTC Touch. It was shit. Slow as hell, locked up and stuff. I wouldnt have got the G1 if I would of known it was made by HTC.

    Now t-moblie says I have to wait till I make a payment on my pass due bill, which in fact is olny over due because of the G1 I bought.

    They ended up offering me the T-Mobile Dash 3G, $100 off my next bill, free express. shipping and a free extended warranty
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    Butterfly Mage


    Hopefully they fixed the firmware errors. The three Dash phones I owned ended up in an endless reboot cycle of death. Essentially what would happen was the phone would start up, pause, make the greeting jingle, go black, shut down, restart, and repeat forever. Nice!

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    Was it the T-Mobile Dash or the Dash 3G

    well i got my dash 3g today. so far so good. it seems to be a pretty good phone. it is super fast and very slim
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    Butterfly Mage


    MY dead Dash was the original one that ran on EDGE, not 3G.

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    I have heard alot of bad things about the old dash, but i think HTC has mad a lot of good improvments. i would love to ge my hands on a old dash just to compare.

    i plan on doing a video review of the phone.

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    Problems with the g1 thats odd. I know a few people with them and my half-brother even has one never heard any complaints about it.

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