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Thread: Babykins Discreetness?

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    Default Babykins Discreetness?

    I was gunna order a few things from babykins including my first cloth diaper. I was wondering what the package looks like or what it gives away about the company. i think "babykins" and a package addressed to me is going to look a little odd...

    Also, do they do discreet shipping?


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    it a big brown box, return sender name is "kins products LTD" and for the customs info they label the content "clothing" (got to declare goods going in and out of country)

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    It will be sent to you in a plain brown box via the USPS. If you are not at home when it arrives you may have to go to your local Post Office and pick it up. I know that it was done this way the few times I ordered from Babykins. Good luck with your diapers when they show up!

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    Babykins is a great company to deal with! My wife and I have been very pleased with their prompt shipping and courtesy. Their products are first class and very fairly priced.

    They sell pullon cloth diapers that are superb. And their thin guage plastic panties are great for wearing under clothing -- quiet and invisible.


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    mine actually came in a bag. It was a simple bag and it was basically as described. All it said was clothing worth 50 dollars. And the return address was like BKins or something.

    I would probably order again and this time actually send it to the school instead of a friend

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    I too can vouch. I just got my first ever order, and it arrived in a tightly sealed opaque plastic bag that didn't have anything mentioning diapers on the label.

    The products themselves are great. I can already tell that these are going to be my favorite plastic pants. The velcro diapers are thin, but well designed, and plenty stuff-able.

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