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Thread: furry music thread

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    Default furry music thread

    RULES: please to not have exposed genitalia or images in the videos of actual coitus or other sex: if it would not be permissible by site standards if humans were substituted for furs, please not to post here.

    But there is much beautiful furfy (sorry *furry*) affectionate imagery set to good music, it is a shame not to share.

    so... I'll get the ball rolling... sorry, yiff we can proceed, I mean let's get it on with it, that is to say, haff fap it, wait, no..

    Oh to hell with it.

    YouTube - Gay furry love X3

    And please tell me there is some f-f or m-f stuff in addition to m-m out there... this is an equal opportunity thread...
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    Oh oh oh ^^

    I make videos :3

    I try to put the pictures so they match the words and go along good with the music. I use a wide variety of transitions and effects and I really enjoy making them. There is plenty of m/m material in most of my videos, but I also have a some f/m pictures in there somewhere. Others are just singles that go along with the words.

    Check em out, have a good time, rate, comment, subscribe, and wait for more :3

    YouTube - DigiNig's Channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by SulliLan View Post
    /ME CRIES at the beauty of some of those images

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