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Thread: Multiple diapers at once

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    Hi guys, I'm thinking about wearing 3 diapers at one time soon and i need to know how best to go about it. I know there is already a thread on this but cannot find it so if anyone could post a link in reply to this thread, i'll be very grateful. Thanks

    what does the closed blue envelope with the white arrow pointing downwards mean?
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    1 what you do is put slits in a diaper then but that on thensame for more than two diapers and bottum one you just put one.
    2 it means no new posts but you have replied in that thread

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    Yep just cut slits on the outer side of them. Make the slits twards the middle of the outside of the diaper. So that the urine will stay in the next one and not leak out. Have fun with it.

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    i've heard making slits makes the irritant gel come out so what about putting loads of pinpricks in?

    has anyone got the link to the previous multi-diaper thread please?

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    I just do maybe once inch slits when ever I do double up.

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    as firebox2 says i usually just do a lot of short slits, yes the gel can fall into the next diaper but it's rare that it leaks out the sides, but if u cut to much the changes can be a problem. i had one change where most of the stuffing was in the second diaper, not fun to clean up off the floor

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    If you're worried about the filling of the first diaper getting into the second, perhaps you could tape a porous material over the slits? I was thinking maybe duct tape a baby wipe over the slits (you might have to let the baby wipe dry out a bit, first).. it should hold the stuff in, but still let liquid pass through it. Not sure how well it would work, though. It's just a random idea I had reading this thread .

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    thats actually quite a good one Chevre.

    Personally I usually make 3 lines of 1" slits going down the length of the backing with diagonal ones in between fo the inner ones, then put the outer one on like normal.

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    Pin pricks would work but it would be time consuming and it would take a while for the liquid to work from layer to layer but nothing wrong with that I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDemon View Post
    Pin pricks would work but it would be time consuming and it would take a while for the liquid to work from layer to layer but nothing wrong with that I suppose.

    That doen't work I have tried it, multiple diapers is a waste of diapers if your not going to stay in them for almost an entire day.

    You are way better off useing a stuffer it's cheaper and works better, if your going to try multiple diapers just use 2. and cut slits in the lower most part of the diaper near the center if you go out to the ends the diaper will leak.

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