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    Default Cloth diaper users

    a few questions about how you care for them.

    1) How do you wash your cloth diapers?
    I wash them in a cold cycle with a cold rinse with "baby" detergent.

    2) How often do you wash them.
    I go about every 5 days.

    3) How do you dry them
    I put them in for an hour to tumble dry with no heat, then I hang them up to finish drying.

    4) and this one is for fun: what kind of cloth diapers do you have
    a) 20 basic diaper shaped velcro on diapers from baby kins with 10 doubles, and plastic pants (with 1 rubber pant) mixed with solid colors and prints.
    b) 9 pocket diapers these are really my favorit diapers, they just feel so comfortable and well feel the best when wearing.
    c) 12 AiO diapers, really don't like these as much as the first two but they are still good diapers and go on fast and are the "trimist" so if I really don't want to be bothered with stuffing a pocket diaper, or putting a plastic pant on and tucking it into the diaper, these do well as they are just snap on.

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    none right now but i eyeball adultclothdiapers like everyday

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    I use a wet pail of bleach and water, wash about every 3-4 days so I always have half my supply clean and more being cleaned. Obviously I rinse thoroughly and ring them out before putting them in the pail. When washing I usually toss them in with the regular whites, normal detergent, extra rinse. Plastic pants included in that batch (I know leaching of plasticizers).

    Plastic pants air dry, cloth diapers go for a spin with the rest of the laundry and then air dry for the remainder.

    I have 4 velcro contours from and the rest my mom cloned and fitted to me. A dozen total velcro contours and plastic pants from Gary Mfg.

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    1) How do you wash your cloth diapers?
    I poop in mine so washing gets a little more involved. I spray the soiled diapers before I put them in the pail with Biokleen Bac-out. It has enzymes that break down the stains. I then wash them once with Tide and Oxyclean. Then I spray in remaining stains with Shout and wash once more.

    2) How often do you wash them.
    I try to wash twice a week, but sometimes I only wash once a week depending on how often I wear.

    3) How do you dry them
    In the dryer on low heat.

    4) and this one is for fun: what kind of cloth diapers do you have
    I have 14 Priva snap-on cloth diapers, a ton of prefold cloth baby diapers from when I used a diaper service, and several pairs of Whisper plastic pants from

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