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Thread: Nature or nurture?

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    Default Nature or nurture?

    Do you think that *B/DL is the result of nature or nurture? As for me, I am not quite sure, but I think it is a little bit of both. How about you?

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    Big psychology nut that I am, I have a hard time believing there are a whole lot of lifestyles out there that aren't caused by a mixture of these 2 elements. *BDL is no different.

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    Every piece of reputable material I have ever come across suggests that sexual orientation comes from both genetic and environmental influences.

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    I've read that a sexual attraction to diapers (or any other object for that matter) is caused by becoming arroused by that object at a very young age. Couldn't say if it's true or not, but I suppose this would make sense.


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    I made an identical thread like this awhile back. I think it's locked now, but there is some useful information in there.

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    I think that every case is significantly different. There is no perfect recipe, only by a stroke of the perfect chance.

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    I think there is a bit of both in any aspect of our personality. We have mapped the entire human genome but we have no clue what most of it is there for. Some of what we believe to be 'junk' may affect us in ways we don't know.

    For example there are people who were raised in loving families and got all they ever wanted, yet still turned to crime, totally different from what you'd expect if it were only nurture. Likewise there are people from families that treat them like dirt, yet these people can be the kindest people you've ever met. This makes me believe that there must be some underlying cause of nature that effects our lives even though I don't know what.

    We must also be careful in how we examine nurture to try and avoid falling foul of selection bias.
    What I mean by this is that we can all probably look back to our upbringing and locate *B/DL related events, then say this shaped us in some way. However if we were able to look at our whole childhood we would find events that could have turned us a different way altogether, the thing is they didn't, so we have no reason to bother remembering them. We have remembered the *B/DL related events because they are important to us, but it doesn't mean they were any more important in shaping us than other events.

    My belief is that a soft / gentle side was always an integral part of us from when we were born, but it is the events in life and the choices we make which decide how it eventually manifests itself.
    It's a bit like intelligence, I believe it is known that there is some genetic factor in intelligence, yet if that child were never to go to school or be taught to the appropriate standard then they may never fully utilise what they were born with.
    Perhaps many more of us were born with a *B/DL side but it is the way we went through life that weeds it out of us or lets it build up and surface as something very deep.

    The truth is that we are unlikely to know for a long time and even if that time were to come, I don't know if I'd want to know. That kind of knowledge opens up moral minefields, if you know what causes something you could theoretically stop it from happening.
    In my view it's far better to leave it a mystery and continue peacefully, than to start arguments over whether it is something to be stopped.

    Anyway, what's life without a little of the unknown?

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    Considering there's multiple sides to this while thing ... dl, ab/tb, fetish play ... etc. Each one can have many different explanations.

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    i'd say it's probably mostly nurture. diapers were only invented in the 20th century, and you could never develop a diaper fetish if you'd never seen one. we had to be exposed to them in order to develop a fetish for them.

    but if it were ENTIRELY nurture then you could turn anybody into an AB/DL just by exposing them to the right set of conditions. obviously it doesn't work that way: plenty of people are toilet trained too late or too early or punished with diapers or what-have-you but don't turn into AB/DLs.

    even if we could identify a childhood experience that turned every single one of us into DLs, it still couldn't be entirely nuture. and the fact is that different things seem to influence each of us, making it even more confusing. it's a complicated mix of nature and nurture we might never completely understand.

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