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  • I was potty trained too early.

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  • I was potty trained at a good time.

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  • I was potty trained too late.

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Thread: Potty Training... Too old, too young, or just right?

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    Default Potty Training... Too old, too young, or just right?

    How do you reflect upon your age during your potty-training? Did you potty train too late, too early, or at a good time?

    I think I was trained too late, and that influenced me into becoming who I am in this lifestyle. How about you?

    EDIT: What I mean by this is that I always subconsciously liked diapers, but I wore them to a very late age (about seven) due to stress as a young child. If I was trained earlier, I might not be this way now.
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    I was potty trained when I was 4 years old, but for me, that was too early! With my neurological impairments, it was hard for me to be able to accurately gauge how badly I needed to go, and I felt no discomfort in a dirty diaper. I was not ready to train, but I had to in order to be able to attend school that next year.

    Good poll idea, though.

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    Don't know if it was to early to late or what, but the only thing I remember was it was a summer day, I wanted to go out and play, but I was not allowed to because I was "being pottied trained" I still remember thinking what did I do wrong to be punished like this (not being allowed to go out side) to my young mind then I saw the whole day as a punishment.

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    I wanted to wear Pull Ups after I was fully trained so I'm pretty sure I was rushed through it

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    I was three when I quit wearing and had accidents until age five.

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    I was pottytrained at 4, but wasn't completely out of diapers until I was 5. Accidents and stuff.

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    I actually have no idea when I was potty trained, I have no recollection of being in diapers as a young child, and I think my earliest memory comes from when I was about 3, since I can remember the house we lived in at the time, which I lived in until I was four.

    That, and I never actually asked my parents about when I was potty trained, and it's probably something that I won't ask.

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    Little ollie


    Think I was trained by age two, so yeah too young.

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    From what I was told by my mom when we were trying to train our first born, I was daytime trained at just over 3. (of course it wore off a few years later). Her point was that we shouldn't push him. Let the kid decide when he or she is ready.

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    Potty trained around 2 or 3, not sure if that was to early but like spddan I had to get trained to go to pre-school. I had accidents up to age 9.

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