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Thread: Diaper Dilema... My brand is no longer in stockY_Y

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    Default Diaper Dilema... My brand is no longer in stockY_Y

    I use Tena Slips.... I love these diapers and where really easy to gain access until recently the store I purchased them from stopped carrying them (I read they where discontinued?) They where relatively cheap for me a thick diaper for about a dollar each diaper. 8 for 8 bucks. ^^ Anyways I got two diapers left and I"m getting desperate. How good are the Walgreen brand diapers? I plan on buying till I get real diapers from a medical supply store or something.

    Now I went to the bambino website and I can purchase online but those things are damn expensive and I need money for things like gas and college and food Y_Y Anyways I checked on ebay for tena slips and molicare is expensive and tena slips just don't show up. I'm wondering what other sites could I find tena slips and what not.... are depends like them? I need something thick and babyish *sigh* I'm kinda depressed any suggestions please?

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    I have never tried them myself but if hiding them isn't a problem, I've heard you can get like 75 24/7 diapers for about 75$, to try to keep the price the same, and they hold a lot too.

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