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Thread: As a child, did you ever know someone above normal potty-training age who wore diapers 24/7?

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    Default As a child, did you ever know someone above normal potty-training age who wore diapers 24/7?

    Sort of like Siege's thread about bedwetting acquaintances. I expect almost all responses to be "no", but still... vote and post a reply!

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    Not 24/7, but a good friend of mine bed wet a lot at a younger age. All his siblings did. He told me it ran in the family. I found out in a very funny way, too.

    I can't say that I've ever seen someone other than special needs, wearing 24-7/ 365.

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    I once had a 7-10 year old friend who was totally incontinent. I wasn't his friend until after I learned that though . I had him over to my house a lot, and I would go over to his. He would always try to hide it, but most people knew. He had a beeper that would go off in the middle of class to remind him to change (terribly embarrassing idea, btw), and would grab his black diaper bag and take it into the bathroom. One time at my house, I also found a wet and poopy diaper sitting open in my bedroom trash can right after he had changed into his pajamas.

    I wish I had kept the relationship going. Don't know how many friends he had. He certainly has my understanding. I feel like I owe him an apology though for the way a lot of us (myself included at times, very regrettably) treated him over the issue. Kids do dumb things though...

    Not to say I was terrible, I just should have been a better friend in this case. If I were to meet him now I would apologize for ever having made fun of him behind his back, and would show him that I wear diapers too now, even though I wear for slightly different reasons and not necessarily 24/7.

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    I kids I knew who wore 24/7 were disabled. I also knew these two other boys in my preschool and they both wore diapers and so did this girl in my class and they weren't in wheelchairs or using crutches or walkers. Then there was this boy who was in my brother's grade who wore and he was not in a wheelchair or used crutches or walker. I met this one guy in the ABDL community and it turned out we both went to group therapy together when I was 12 and I had no idea he wore diapers until now. Back then he didn't like them. He was incontinent due to falling off a roof when he was six.

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    well i can say a few 24/7's and some bedtime/daytime ones.
    infact one of my best friends to this day wore them till 3rd grade started. if i have trouble i can count on her. another i found out threw a school rumor that had started like that day and well i just went up and asked as nicely as i could and told her i would not tell anyone if she was and that i would back her up. she said she had to and i backed her up when anybody came saying she did. another one but i don't remeber how i found out he was,oh yeah,

    and the list of bedtime wetters was large so i won't go thew them all.
    though i did find out about a daytime only wetter and i found that out on an im chat.

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    Years ago we moved into this new house in St. Louis, MO. Our next door neighbors became our friends and there was one boy in that family who was just a few months younger than me (I was five years old at the time). He wore pampers full-time. I remember playing with him and every now and then getting a whiff of his poopy pants. It didn't seem to bother him at all, which I thought was pretty cool. It wasn't just that he had never been toilet trained, it was the way his parents dealt with it. His mom would take care of his changing and cleaning in very loving way, just as if he were a baby. I was so jealous of that kid. I had accidents in regular cotton briefs quite often, but I was punished for them, like I was doing it on purpose or something. It was the contact with this next door neighbor and his family that decided me on wearing diapers again no matter what my mom or anybody else said about it.

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    Not as a child, but when I was a teenager I saw some developmentally disabled kids wearing diapers.

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    As I have explained many times, our family was diaper-friendly because my Mom, Granny Vi and Aunt Betsy all were profoundly urinary incontinent. Because of the likelihood my sisters and I would also eventually develop bladder control problems Mom made sure all of us had some friends who were dry and others who also wet. At least two of those never gained bladder control.

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