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Thread: another furry O.o

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    Talking another furry O.o

    helloo, my apologies, i already posted a hello i'm here topic in the babyfur section before i actually checked if there was one here >.<

    anywho, Hiya everyone, I'm Senri ^_^ I am a female Babyfur, of the wolf kind, i have a picture i painted of my fursona, if you are willing to see it i can grab it for ya.
    I have a girlfriend named alessa, but she is a skunk fur named armina, also a babyfur.

    i came across this site, while i was aimlessly looking for cute babyfur pictures so i may get ideas to improve my art, didnt find decent pictures, but i hope i found a decent site :p

    I love talking and roleplaying, preferably clean though >.< at least until i get to know the person decently enough.

    I am a butcher by trade, kinda ironic me being a furry and i carve up animals for a living lol. i finished college at 17 with professional chef traaining, soon, i may try to get a job that will help with my red seal.

    It may make me seem like a liar since i dont share pictures of me over the internet. but please bear with me, i have had past experiences i don't wish to share, which is giving me reasons for it ^_^ if i only know a person through the net, they won't get a picture of me, sorry but thats the way i roll :p

    well, i talked a lot more on this one, so i will shut my maw for a while and let the rest of ya get a word in haha

    take care everyone, and i'll pray to the spirits that i may become friends with a few of you.
    Senri Wulfe

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    Welcome to ADISC Hope you enjoy it here!

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    Hello there new-wuffie; I am one of the three local raccoons (may our tribe increase) and am oldfur. As to rl pictures, I have none here either. Anybody posting their rl image does so voluntarily, and without pressure from anyone: we are not that kind of site.

    I actually generally put peoples' rl images out of my mind so I can see them as they describe themselves, verbally, through images with which they represent themselves, or through their rp. ADISC is not facebook.

    Skunks are cool, though I prefer foxes and wuffs. Happy to have you aboard.

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    Welcome to the board

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    Welcome to the boards. Feel free to hit me up for a chat if you'd like. Mew =o.o=

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    welcome senri to ADISC enjoy it here we all friendly and love to help ^^

    Why not post some of your art? I would love to check it out =)


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    I owe everyone here an apology, i thank you for being so kind in your welcomes ^_^ but when i wrote my intro post, i forgot to mention that i am a male in real life. i am a gay male, buut i wrote my intro post with my fursona in mind. am i able to use the lack of decent sleep excuse? lol

    Senri has an online girlfriend named armina, and online senri is lesbian >.<

    I hope this may clear things up just a little bit more, i owe racoon a huge thanks for pointing it out before i got into serious trouble, thank you dear, its appreciated

    once again, thanks everyone

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    No worries about the mix up. We have quite a few people on adisc who are genderly different. Welcome to the site, always glad to have more babyfurs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Skunks are cool, though I prefer foxes and wuffs. Happy to have you aboard.
    What about kitties? ;_;

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    thank you very much dear, glad i'm still safe haha.

    you just cant beat a kitty for cuteness, 'cept them sabertooths, they are kinda scary O.o

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