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    So... I'm 20 years old, and a guy from Washington State. The main reason I created an account on here is because I still wet the bed on occassion (weak bladder), and I would like to meet someone that maybe wets the bed too, or who likes me for who I am, and doesn't think I am a loser just because I wet the bed sometimes. I'm not an "Ab" or "Dl", but I don't have a problem with people that are, or any problem with other folks that have accidents day or night, we are all who we are. Nearly every one of my friends that have found out about my problem have thought I was a freak, so no one else knows, and as you probally guessed I have never had a girlfriend. So if I can find some friends that like me for who I am, and don't think I'm a freak or a loser, that would be awesome, and if I can find my soulmate on here or somewhere who loves me for who I am that would be a dream come true!

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    Hi lonelyguy.

    While I may not be in exactly the same boat as you, I can really say that I DO accept you for having the issue that you have. A freak? For wetting the bed? Hardly! Urinary incontinence, especially at night, is a common problem for a lot of people. Sure, most people outgrow it by the time they reach adulthood, but everyone is different.

    I have grown up with an invisible disability. I have very few friends (that is, I have very few NON internet friends), and I have been made fun of for so many things it's not funny, my toileting issues being one of them. I too have never had a girlfriend, and a part of me wonders when I ever will. I am also 21 years old, lol, so I have you beat by a year - longer time without a girlfriend here, lol. I understand your desperation, and I know you are in a good place here with this community, though I am new here myself.

    Also, just curious. While I am sad to hear of your problems, there is a lot more that defines you than your bedwetting, right? That's not the first thing you bring up on a date (at least, I hope not, lol). What are your hobbies and interests? Are you going to school? Would like to know more about who you are.

    Again, though, welcome. I know you will be able to find people on here who can support you and I'm sure you'll be able to find a friend here. A soul mate? Well, that would require a little luck, but... hey, why not? It could happen. Good luck with that .

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    Anybody who likes to be here is welcome - whatever connection their connection to diapers. That is the thing we talk about least though, so you should fit in fine. What do you like to talk about?

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    Wait...Charles Grodin?

    We can't promise you'll get fixed up with anyone, but a bedwetter comes in pretty low on the freak-o-meter here, so you've got that at the very least

    Famous lonely guy or not, welcome to the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonelyguy View Post
    So..I would like to meet someone that maybe wets the bed too,
    You will: we have incon people, but you do realize many others here wet on purpose, and regard it as a good thing not a bad one?

    who likes me for who I am
    Who "am" you? What music, movies, interests have you? As we get to know you we can like you for you. We won't judge your nocturnal eneuresis, but it is not a basis for liking you either.

    I have never had a girlfriend.
    I shall pray for you of course: nyah! Can't stop me! But most of the work on that is up to you... starting with not characterizing yourself in a negative light, like talking about

    if I can find my soulmate on here
    Lover kind of soul mate? Unlikely, we are not that sort of site. Possible but unlikely. Other kind of soul-mate? Sure, why not? I have several. And more on the way.

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    A warm (belated) welcome from me too!

    Why would people think you're a loser because you wet the bed? The vast majority of those people won't even find out, because you'll never get to share a bed or a room with them. It shouldn't really stop you from making friends, unless you want to progress to a stage where sharing of beds or removal of clothes is required. But until you get to that point, people should know you well enough to appreciate you for who you are and not run away from your weakened bladder's not like you'll pee on them at night or something.


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    Sorry to say that we can't promise you a soulmate or anything like that, but can guarantee that you'll get along pretty damn fine here

    I sincerely doubt you're completely lonely, dude... but even if you believe that you are/were... you sure as hell ain't anymore; welcome to ADISC, paaal!


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