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    Exclamation Taking a Vacation

    I write this thread, to inform that I am taking a small vacation from ADISC. I am not going to try to say that this is because of any of you, because it isn't anybody's fault. I realized, in reflecting after certain events, that this is getting to far... I'm taking this place waay too seriously, getting way too emotional over it. I'm spending too much of my time here, and I'm getting too involved and caught up in everything.

    So, I've decided, what I need to do, is to force myself to take a break, space myself from this site a bit, essentially take it a lot less seriously... I'm going to be leaving ADISC, for one week. I'm not doing this in anger; I'm not doing this to get around moderation; I'm doing this in hopes that when I'll return, I'll be a better member of the community; I'll take things a lot less seriously, maybe be a little less emotionally involved in this place, take everything a bit more all in stride. It's a nice place, and I don't want to ruin that.

    I also believe that it will help me get some things situated in my personal life... Sort out college, and get some things sorted out with myself... Go to the doctors, deal with what I've gotta deal with in that area. I've got to be to work in about 2 hours, and I've as of recent been lettnig myself let ADISC interfere with my sleeping. At any rate, I know some of you may be applauding my departure, in light of all of the horrendous things I had done when I lost my temper. To those of you who this may be; I do hope you enjoy the break. And, there may be some of you out there who like to see me here. To those of you, I say this: I am not taking a break from everyone I know and all of the friends I've made here; that'd be stupid. I'm merely taking a break from the site. If you wish to talk to me in this time, you can contact me at my skype or AIM name; same as my username.

    Having said what I need to say, I bid you all adieu, for one week. When I return, I shall hopefully be a better, more calm and productive member of the community. I apologize for what damage I have already done, and I would hereby request that my return be barred untill Wednesday, August 13th, if you would do me the kindness of this; not that I even deserve it.

    I do not leave you all in anger, and I leave only temporarily, under my own terms, in a mostly stable state of mind. I shall return in a week. Feel free to contact me in the time I am not here, but please do not discuss site-related things...

    Thank you all, and goodbye...

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    Summer's a good time for vacations. Decompress a bit and we'll look forward to seeing a tanned, relaxed, and groovy adaffme149 when you return

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    It's not the first time it's happened. But yeah. Chill out for a bit, I mean it is just another forum - nothing to take all that seriously. In fact, who the hell does take it seriously? ADISC is a bloody joke wherever you look

    But yeah, what Trevor said. Come back whenever you're ready and refreshed dude

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    A change is as good as a rest, *hee hee.* Best of luck with the holiday. One thing I found with a hiatus is there is new and interesting stuff to come back to, new members, new material, even a new feel to the place.

    I am glad you recognize you have made many good contributions here, and are admired as one of our thinkers. Your energy and effort are beyond question. And the 22 Rep/412 posts says good things about you. And the ambition to self-improve: we all should take that as an example (some more than others.)

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    *frowns* you better come back soon. 'Cause I'm gonna miss the crazy length posts that made me go all "that kid's freakin' SMART!"

    I'll be here waitin' :P I'm sure I'll see you on AIM.

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    Well, just an update. I've taken the time off that I wished, and I've gotten quite a bit sorted out in my life. I've found a place to live during college, I've applied for student loans necessary [while still needing to do other things, but that's another story], I've cleaned my room, I've avoided a near-caught situation, gotten stuff necessary to college, applied for jobs out near my new living arrangement, figured out how I'm going to work the end of my current job, and written letters necessary to write. I've gotten caught way up in my personal life, and I'm feeling much better than before. And, I went over to my aunt's friend's for a weekend, worked on a farm and helped build a barn, and made a bit of well-needed extra money. Gotten plenty of rest, feeling much better. I feel that I'm ready to come back now, now that I've burned off a bit of stress [working on the farm always does that, it's a nice way to put my energy to use... Good excercise.], and I'm looking forward to reading through he 2200+ new posts I see. =D

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