View Poll Results: Do you currently own any swim diapers?

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  • Yes, I own baby swim diapers.

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  • Yes, I own adult swim diapers.

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  • No, I do not own any swim diapers.

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Thread: Do you currently own any swim diapers?

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    Default Do you currently own any swim diapers?

    This poll is simple enough. I have never seen any disposable adult swim diapers, so I will not include them as an option in this poll. I do not own any. How about you?
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    No I do not. Also, buying Little Swimmers/Splashers or whatever aren't worth it though they look cute.

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    I don't and I wouldn't really use them for their intended purpose either since I don't think they are effective at all. Of course I do love the little swimmer designs and wish they could fit me. The finding nemo and whinnie the pooh ones are simply awesome.

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    I wonder if you might be referring to REAL adult swim diapers, which usually cost between 50 and 100 dollars and are supposed to actually keep the diaper water-tight?

    No, I don't have any, by the way.

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    I don't either, there probably won't be any adult disposable swimmers anyway. The demand for them just isn't there (well, maybe except for us)

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    Darkfinn has a few, I believe. He mentioned two brands: one is obviously a diaper, and the other had a velcro problem. As for me, I would get a swim diaper, but not really use it outside. In the comfort of my own in-ground pool would be acceptable though.

    Do disposable adult swim diapers really exist? I've never seen them before.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Swim diapers for adults are pretty expensive and are really designed to keep feces out of a swimming pool. I'm not fecal-incontinent (only #1, not #2), adult swim diapers aren't a big draw for me.

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    I own two swim diapers. A velcro-on DTO "containment diaper" and a pull-on swim diaper from Gabby's.

    I'm going rafting with the guys from work on Friday... so I guess I'll get to thoroughly test it out then.

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