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Thread: Officailly introducing myself ^.^

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    Talking Officailly introducing myself ^.^

    My name is Bobby, this isn't acctually my first post but I thought i should make an introduction post!
    I'm a 23yo gay DL! I've always been in to watersports and diapers offered a nice solution to being less messy, thats how I realised how comfy they were! And i was hooked! I've been on some other sites before but this is by far the best comunity that i've seen before and I'm glad to be apart of it!
    Nice to meet everyone,

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    I'm pretty new too (as of, like... yesterday, lol), but welcome to the group . I'm glad to hear about how you got hooked onto diapers, but what about the rest of who you are? Is 'gay DL' what you want most people to know about you? what are your interests?

    Again, welcome.

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    Greetings from another southerner. I'm from Louisiana, if you haven't already figured it out. So, like spddan said, is there anything else you want to tell us about yourself, like hobbies?

    Have a nice stay in the land of ADISC.

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    Raccoon... what the...?

    Um, yeah... moving on swiftly.

    Welcome Bobby / Touchadruma!
    You got one thing for sure, ADISC is thee place to be
    Hope you enjoy posting with us; I look forward to reading some of your contributions.


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