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    Just finally persuaded myself and managed to get some large baby diapers. Nerve wrecking. Thankfully the store I went to (boots) was new and had self service checkouts - fantastic !

    Summer holidays, and parents at work so I had a good few hours, and a public rubbish bin nearby. All in all, it went quite well!

    Can you remember the first time (as a *b/dl) you bought diapers, etc.?

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    Good for you kombatwombat, you have to start someplace, my first diaper purchase was quite nerve racking, and I bought some lousy depends pullups.

    They were a big disaointment, but since then I have tried all kinds of diapers some great and some not so great, don't stick with one diaper shop around and try everything availabe...

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    My first fitting diaper was a pack of small Attends I ordered off ebay. I put one on right away and it was great. Now I realize that Attends sucks! But that entire first package was great.

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    My first pack was either Dollar General SleepPants or Huggies Pull Ups... I can't really remember

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    See it wasn't so bad. I think my first time I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. I remember I hung out at the library for an extra hour and caught a later bus back to home. I stopped off at a Walgreens to buy a pack of adult diapers. The most nerve racking thing is that this is a main stop for a lot of school kids. A lot of kids got off there to go to the Walgreens to get candy, soda etc. after school. I remember I grabbed a role of rapping paper and a card before I headed off to the adult diaper section. By this time I was so nervous I just grabbed a package of walgreens diapers and headed for the checkout in fear of getting caught by someone I knew from school. I put the products on the counter and the cashier greeted me and started ringing them up. Out of nervousness I told the cashier that they were a joke gift. She gave me a weird look as if to say "whatever." I paid and went outside to the side of the store and crammed the package into my backpack. back them the diapers were not compressed so the packages were twice as big. Since I had almost another hour before the bus came I think I walk home. I lived about an hours walk from the store. When I got home I went straight to my room so no one saw my bulging back pack. Hid the diapers in a chest and waited for bed time when I could try them. I was a little disappointed that they were way too big for me. I think I grabbed medium and need small for my tiny frame.

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    My first purchase was a pack of Goodnites, which made me very nervous. The first time I tried (walked into a Target and paced near the diaper isle) I couldn't bring myself to do it. The next time I put a few other things in my basket on top of them, got no questions at the checkout, out the door and was very happy when I got home. Congrats!

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    My first time was in high school. Back then I was having to do makeshift things like using a bunch of towels and some plastic grocery bags (no joke). But after my grandparents had been up to visit, they accidently left a bag of diapers (don't remember the brand) sitting in our trunk. I figured they wouldn't notice just one missing, so I started the car for my dad (he used to take me to school) and pinched one out of the trunk, folding it into my jacket and taking it back into my house.

    More recently, I bought my first diapers when i was 19 and drove myself to a Kroger to buy a package of Kroger brand diapers. I thought they were great, lol, but I now realize just how badly they sucked. I'm only a step above them with Depends right now, but I'm hoping to move up to Abena sooner or later.

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