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Thread: New Depend and Abena Packaging

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    Default New Depend and Abena Packaging

    Just wondering if anyone has seen and bought any Abena Abrio-Form or Depends diapers in the new packaging and if that's all?

    Depends went over the years from red and white package, green diapers, 2 rows stacked, to red and white package, white diapers in a single row (not stakced so package was half as big) then to a green package, same diaper.

    Now they've updated the packaging, it's green with an orange/tangerine stripe that says Fitted Maximum Protection.

    As well, Abena is completely changing the naming and packaging.

    They now have like letter grades. So Abri-Form Medium X-Plus is now M4, Small X-Plus is S4, etc.

    Just wondering if the diapers have been updated at all if anyone cares to compare?

    Depend are the diaper I honeslty love one of the most. Usually really thin but after wetting bulks up quite nice. Takes multiple wettings and isn't that bad overall.

    Love the X-Plus but have noticed tapes (as everyone says) are not always the best. I'd love a front elastic wasitband as well. Sometimes I fnd Ireally need to soak the front of them to make sure it all gels... if the top of the diaper isnt wet the the wet part falls off and down leaving an empty space with no SAP, not always but sometimes... I usually try to wet my diapers to the fullest

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    I just got some depends the other day. I haven't worn them in about 2 years and the pack I bought then was the green with maroon/dark red. The diapers are the same as best I can remember, only the packaging has changed. Hope this helps


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    I got a pack of the X-plus with the new packing so far the diapers are the same just in a different package. Hopefully this will stay the same

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    Butterfly Mage


    I just got a package of Abena Extra but they seem the same too. Of course, lots of companies refresh their packaging periodically.

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    i just picked up the new depends thinking somehow they had gotten better...

    turns out they still suck just the same. Back to the Abenas then XD

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