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Thread: SoundGarden Fans unite!

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    Default SoundGarden Fans unite!

    How many SG fans are on this site?
    im curious ;3

    (I love SG, AiC, NiN, PinkFloyd, Rush, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Who, The Ramones, The Doors, The Beatles, and so on and so on)

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    I only know one song by a band named soundgarden, and that's black hole sun, but yeah, I like it. is it the same band? :p

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    yes Kevintje ;3

    you havent had the SG experience if you have only heard superunknown (the album that blackhole sun is on)

    Head Down
    4th of July
    and a few others ;3
    I actually like FoJ better than Blackhole sun ;3

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    I only know black hole sun from the videoclip... I remember watching it on mtv as a kid and I tought "man... drugs MUST be bad!" :p

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    Soundgarden was one of the bands that got me into music in the first place. One of my first albums was Superunknown. Of their songs, Spoonman and Outshined are two of my favorites.

    Black hole sun is good, but it's definitely not the best song on the album.

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