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Thread: What's with "hiding" furry-ness?

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    Question What's with "hiding" furry-ness?

    I've noticed it's a common trend for furries to be afraid of "being caught" or "coming out." But why? Now, with ABDL-hood, that makes sense. But with furry-hood, I'm convinced it's not.

    I've been lurking furry forums for many years, and I know being a furry is many things to many people. Still, it all comes down to a more-than-average love of anthropomorphic animals. So how is being a furry different than being a fan of anything else? Trekkies, for example, do not have to "come out." Sure, if you're into fursuits and yiff, that might come across as weird to some people. But there's no need to explain that part per se. I mean, some Trekkies dress up and do weird stuff too, but that doesn't mean Trekkie-hood is a big secret. Just a quirk. A "thing."

    So why are furries so afraid of telling their "big secret"? And why do we speculate if others are furries? Why not just ask?

    Basically, is being a furry such a big deal?

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    Misunderstanding with Bestiality, perhaps?

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    I think it's because of the mass media - shows like CSI and MTV's Sex2K have frowned on us, and made us look like we're sex machines. And those are shows, or channels, that many people watch. There was also a babyfur pedophile that was covered on the news as well.

    I, personally, have been attacked by an adult, of the school system nonetheless, for openly discussing furry (and, it wasn't yiff, it was abut getting a fur con here in MN), because she believed in what the media had to say about us. And, she wouldn't listen to what I, or my friend, had to say otherwise.

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    Hmm. You both make good points.

    I guess my point of view is different. At my high school, we have a popular anime club which might as well be a furry club that likes anime. In fact, the club presidents are responsible for Orlando, Florida's Furloween. Being a furry at my school is a very very casual matter.

    I guess it depends on whether or not others are familiar with the definition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReikuTaradashi View Post
    I've noticed it's a common trend for furries to be afraid of "being caught" or "coming out." But why? Now, with ABDL-hood, that makes sense. But with furry-hood, I'm convinced it's not.
    There are a few reasons;

    It's looked upon as being childish (Oh, he still likes cute cartoon animals lol!)

    Furry Fandom has and still does have a myriad of pretty extreme fetishes, ones that don't have good connotations. To add to this, there are many furries that REALLY like to aggressively push those fetishes publicly outside of the fandom.

    The fandom seems to attract the socially dysfunctional even more than Trekkers once did. Years ago I had some friends who had a roommate who was fully incapable of interacting in any effective way. To have 'apartment meetings' they had to talk to him via the MUCKs, even though he was in the very same apartment.

    Couple these together and the fandom has a rather seedy reputation and as such many find it good to keep their furry interests private.

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    It's usually because of most people confusing it with zoophilia/beastiality.

    Some others just fear that people will react like common internet trolls.

    But i'm kinda with your point of view on this subject. I don't hide it at all, I just don't go show boating it around. I wear a collar every once in a while and stuff. I don't see any reason to hide it lol :p

    My school (from what I've seen) is extremely different though. When people ask me why I wear a collar(I've gotten it a bajillion times) I just say, "It's a furry thing" and there like... "What?"

    I just plain leave it at that unless they ask for more details.

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    I've never come right out to anyone and said, "Hey, I'm a furry," But I don't try to hide my art or anything. Both my parents have seen what I draw (which is all tame fur stuff, I'm not much for yiff) but I don't think they know I'm a "furry."

    Once my parents and I saw a show on Animal Planet that featured some furries in some (horribly-made) fursuits and Cat (the tiger guy?), so they think that furries are freaks, so I'm not going to be telling them I am one anytime soon.

    Anyway, I don't have the desire to "come out" as a furry; I never have. And I doubt I will anytime soon. It's not something the world needs to know about me.

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    It might be the fear of the unknown as well . . . many people would have a different perspective on what being a furry is. My brother saw me drawing a furry a few days ago and asked what it was. I told him it was a furry. He didn't act weird he just kind of shrugged and said, " Oh. . . so your one of those." and just left it at that. My brother is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet but its just perspective. People who aren't into it wont see the benefit of being a furry.

    So "coming out" in front of people you know has a million possible reactions. It's not who you are necessarily, but who your telling. Its different for everyone at least thats my take on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesmerale View Post
    Misunderstanding with Bestiality, perhaps?
    This would be my main reason for not telling the people I work with or certain relatives.
    That said I dont hide it, I'm hardly ever seen without at least my thin leather collar on and when people ask I'll happily say I wea it because I want to, if someone mentions furry I'l chip in but wont say I am one unless they specifially ask.
    theres also the fact that I'm a babyfur, my conbadge has a visible diaper on it and my fursuit is cubby looking, reasons not to say as then the whole bestiality/pedophile thing comes in to those i havent sat down and explained in depth to, like my parents and such. so far they know I'm a furry and that its just an interest but not about the cub stuff

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    I don't see the need to say I am a furry to others, for two reasons. One, is because of all the misconceptions and the different reactions people recieve (both good and bad). Two, is because the term "furry" is just a label that happens to include alot of different people. Since I'm not the same as every other furry or babyfur, I'd have to sit down and explain every part of the fandom that I'm apart of and not apart of, but since I'm too lazy to do that I normally just pretend I have no idea what a furry is.

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