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Thread: Coming out of the closet...

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    Default Coming out of the closet...

    After a good while observing tb/ab/dl ism I today decided to actually acknowledge it - I am an tb/dl! (Mind I haven't told my parents - although they are very accepting and understanding I just don't think I've got the confidence.) This is pretty much the first time I've stated it - even if it is to people who I'll never meet.

    I'm really pleased to have found what seems like a great a great community and look forward to getting more involved!

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    good luck with your new life!
    dont listen when pl discriminate about AB/DL stuff
    all it is is a (legal) "alternative clothing preferance"! =)

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    And I am very pleased you like the looks of this community; and are always happy to have new blood, an addition to our numbers, and look forward to hearing more from you. Our custom is to ask what sort of things you might like to talk about: on or off the fetish topic: and them talk about them.

    The guns you enjoy, what you thought of Watchmen or Harry Potter, foreign words for diapers, or what you like to study, or anything really.

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    Sorry I haven't had chance to do a real introduction... Parents are around and I'd hate to spoil what would be quite a long post!

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    welcome to the fourms ^^ I hope you will enjoy it here and don't be pressed into telling your perents make yourself as sure as you can that it will be ok with yourself mainly ^^

    Can't wait to see you around the fourms

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    That is such a weird yet awesome username... kombatwombat. Sweet

    Wait a tick... so you have looked into it before today? And decided today that you are a DL? Coolio. But as for telling your parents, make sure you're reasonably comfortable with yourself as a TB/DL first. The more comfortable you are with it, the easier it is to tell others So I found anyway.

    /lecture... so yeah. Welcome!


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    WeLcoMe KombatWombat (wow, that really is a cool username)! Glad to hear you're officially one of us. As for telling your parents, make sure you're comfortable with it yourself (though it's a definite plus if your parents are ok with it ) and oh yeah, ~WeLCome to AdiSC!~ You're gonna love it here, it's awesome, so go browse through this awesome amazing community and see just how cool it is! Normally, some of the things asked in the intros pages are along the lines of what your interests are here and what your other interests are like for example: Do you like Skiing? Wombats? etc. So not just about diapers and/or TB/AB/DL clothing, or as Raccoon puts it: A legal "alternative clothing preference," but what you like to do. Hope this helps.

    *awaits Long Introduction*

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    Welcome to the site, and I agree....great name. Dash is really right here, give yourself a lot of time to feel comfortable with who you are before you tell. Then if you get a negative response, it won't hurt as much. You will be much better prepared, and you will have alternate plans to deal with it. Our members have been through it all, and a lot of good advise has been given.

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