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Thread: Viggo's introduction.

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    Default Viggo's introduction.

    Hi, everybody! I'm Viggo!

    Someone sent me a message asking me to write an introduction. So here goes.

    My presentation:
    I am a 23 year old incontinent boy living in Norway in the same house as my mum and older sister. Really I live in the basement apartment. (My mother in the loft, and my sister has got the main apartment)
    I am 6’1 and about 160 pounds (185cm and 72 kg), so I’m fairly skinny. Brown hair and average looking…I think.
    I work in a facility for people with various kinds of handicaps, which makes everyday products. My job is to sit by the phone and take orders.
    My interests are rock music and movies. (Like a lot of other young people.)

    As for my handicap, it dates back to ’97. I was on a ski-trip with my school, when I drove into a three in the bottom of a slope. When I woke up, they told me what had happened with me. When I woke up, they told me what had happened with me. I had injured my back, my right leg and my lower right arm. And I had to wear diapers 24/7.
    When I was a kid, I wore diapers until I was 4,5 yo. And I was not really out of them until I was 5.
    So when this happened, my mother got the necessary things at a medical shop. And since I surely could’nt change myself, she had to take on that responsibility.
    Over the years they have been trying to find ways for me to quit wetting and having messing accidents, but it has been unsuccessful. I have also been checked for autism-like syndromes since I clearly was able to learn some things very well, but was unsuccessful getting rid of my incontinence. I’m not suffering from any syndromes, but some nurses or PA’s read that I’ve had these surveys and assume things.
    When I was like 12-15 yo, my mother had me wearing plastic-pants and square diapers (Old kind Scandinavian diapers) to give me an incentive to make an effort to quit diapers. Wet-Uncomfortable and yet keeping my clothes dry (and clean).
    By now I was tired of all this, and was kind of liking to wear also. So one could argue that this was how and when I became a DL.

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    Hello and welcome. I really liked your post on non-English diaper words:

    Is there any chance you could use them in a sentence, and include pronunciation?

    Maybe: I saw a diaper-wearing raccoon at the ADISC website! - Or whatever you like.

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    Hello and welcome. What kind of movies do you like? :P

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    welcome to the site. always nice to meet a new DL and hear how he got to wearing again. interesting story. "hugs" have a good time here hun.

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    Movies: Tarantino, Sin City, Die Hard, Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood among others..

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    I get flashes of Ghostbusters II when I see your name!

    Welcome, Viggo! Hope that your stay here is enlightening and enjoyable!

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    welcome to ADISC! its great to see someone from Norway!!!
    can you see the "Northern Lights" (aurora) now?
    i wonder what its going to look like if the earths electromagnetic fields swap, as some scientists are predicting in a few years.
    anyway, a warm welcome from New York to your town!!! =)
    ~ Will

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