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Thread: I love garage sales

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    Default I love garage sales

    My favorite thing about weekends in the spring/summer is getting up on fri or sat morning and hitting as many garage sales as I can find. They are a great place to get any baby related item you want at a bargain price. Today I got 2 diaper genie refills for 2 dollars and 2 packages of goodnites for 1.50 each. I also scored 5 cabbage patch dolls for 50 cents each and about a dozen other baby dolls for a quarter each. Its so nice to be able to go on a shopping spree and still only spend about 10 dollars

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    That's awesome goodnitesgirl! I remember once seeing a big 'Little Tikes' articulated lorry in a carboot sale. I didn't buy it, but I thought it looked so cool because it had a back that opened and could house many smaller items, paci's perhaps. And it dwarfed little matchbox (or hotwheels) cars!

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    I've seen stuff like that at the local thrift store. I guess that I need to hit garage sales more often.

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    I too be a tag sale mainaic! Mostly tools and household things I need but also things I can sell for a profit. I have scored a few AB items even though I'm mostly DL.

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    What a cool idea looking for baby things. It never occurred to me. It will now. My wife likes Care Bear glasses, and I used to go looking for those.

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    I am always looking at Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops, and Yard Sales for adult diapers, bed protectors, and anything else I use. With the cost of things, it's great to find a good deal.

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    i mostly stick to thrift stores or damages good places for most of my stuff. i have come close to getting some good molicare super plus once. but my parents were with me at the time so i had to let them go.

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    I've picked up a couple nice prams at yard/garage sales before. Most of them around here usually have baby and children's items because the popularity of bargain items like these draws mothers to the sale like a magnet. Has a pretty good draw on me, too!


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    I love garage sales too... but I haven't been to one in years...

    I wish I had spent this summer looking at a few.


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    Reminds me of when I was younger and my grandma(rest her soul) and I would go around to the different garage sales in the area and she would buy me toys from them sometimes.

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